Too many Clothes!

Too many Clothes!

Around 3.5 million customers ordered clothes from Myntra within four days of a sale. No doubt we’re all obsessed with new outfits, but is it a necessity?

Shopping was never as easier as now. Few clicks on our devices and order arrives at our doorstep within a few days. We love shopping for clothes, especially at sales. Branded outfits have also started to fit in most of our budgets and this often gets us to buy what isn’t even needed. But why are clothes so affordable now? A common reason is cheap labor in developing countries. But another significant reason is the fabric.

The fabric which accounts for almost 60 per cent of fast fashion textiles manufactured every year is no other than polyester. It is strong, flexible, water resistant and its cheap which makes it a nearly perfect fabric for affordable clothing.

Polyester might seem best for textiles but it is a form of plastic. The lint released by polyester clothes eventually finds its way to our oceans. And the lint obtained from this fabric is nothing but micro-plastic. This plastic, once in ocean enters the food chain through phytoplankton, plankton, fishes and thus to human beings. It has been estimated that around the mid-twenty-first century there would be more plastic in oceans than fishes.

Textile industry generates more pollutants than aviation and shipping industries combined. The main reason behind this is the low cost of clothes which leads to companies to generate demand for more and more clothes by several methods. Fashion trends keep changing constantly, influencers are used to promote certain brands, advertisements make an impact on the minds of the costumers and thus the demand for more clothes continues.

So what could be a solution to the environmental degradation polyester textiles are causing? Cotton and other natural fabrics might help. But a single sweatshirt made of cotton consumes approximately 2700 liters of water and that undoes the benefits. The seemingly possible solution of this crisis is to go for new clothes only when we need them and not just wish to have a better wardrobe.