It all began in the garden of Eden. Adam and Eve broke the instruction of God, and thus began the human kind. Until then, man and woman were equals. Then somewhere in the middle, there was chaos and man somehow asserted his dominance over women.

The assorted pyramid of power still continues to persist in the world. There was a time when women was not even allowed of the house and was forced to look after the household chores. She was deemed to be unfit to any physical labor and was earmarked for only mental support for men. Maybe that is why she is still mostly the smart among the human kind, no offense to the men.

It has been psychologically proved that there needs to be at least 3 years of difference in age between man and woman in matrimony because woman tend to get mature at a rate faster than man, and has the capacity to handle the hurdles thrown at her.

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Yet, she faces discrimination, she faces insults just because of her gender identity. It is an age of progression. There are not only two genders now. There is a whole new community called LGBTQIA+ where everyone is loved and accepted regardless of their gender and sexuality.

It is always the minority that gets bullied by the majority. Slowly, but surely things are changing. Women are slowly empowering the world and men are starting to accept them as equals. Indeed, because they have proved so. There are millions of women who work a full time job, along with running the house, take care of the kids, and yet maintain the femininity and remain the same.

Many people support woman empowerment. Of course, if there is support, there would be contradiction. Men stand with and against woman. So, the question rises why the difference of opinions among men? It dates back to their childhood. If they had an male dominant household, they would be automatically meant to believe that women are obviously the weaker sex. An equal household would have allowed the child to ponder that it is not the sex but the individual ability of a person that defines them.

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The world is changing. At a fast rate too. Children of these days are aware that girls can do everything that a boy can do. The literary rate is now equal among boys and girls and girls have surpassed in some countries. Successful companies are run by women single handedly. The ratio of boys and girls in a classroom is in favor of the girls.

But then, why the discrimination? People from the backward areas are still uneducated on the policies taken by the government. More than that, women themselves fail to believe themselves weaker and tend to step back from hobbies and jobs that they like and wish to have. They only get into their โ€œMama Bearโ€ mode only when it comes to their children. But when it comes to themselves, women have always been good at putting otherโ€™s needs before their own.

It is high time that these women to have some inspiration and some sort of mentor to guide them to their life. It is not like all women should become an entrepreneur in a single day. It is enough for them to realize their potential within themselves the world will be a better place. Hoping for the best!