In India and the world as the corona crisis is high all are suffering from this situation. Many people are afraid of this corona so they are moving towards their own town and place. Some people are affected by this so they could not go for work. In this lockdown many are affected jobs some will be moving from one job to another. The new students who are searching for job after college are affected. Many companies are giving very low amount to work in the company. In this situation all are staying at home the small hold business man are affected. Many of the business have to move from one place to another but because of this lockdown we cannot move out. In which side we turn there is rise in price each thing is in extreme rate in this lockdown. If one person start to raise the amount all has raised the rate in everything we buy for our daily usage. There is no money to run their family in each side there is a pressure on money. The farmers can do their work but at the time of cultivation he has sell to other countries and states. In some countries they have stopped because of this corona pandemic. So there is no way to get sufficient amount they will get some amount, but they have been cultivated much so that they are throwing in the road side everywhere. This situation is a total loss for everybody there is no idea that we can bring back our country to maintain the correct level. In India no one knows what to do to bring the life back. The only source to start a new life is only money to start their life again it helps them. All companies from small to top are asking for increase in amount and high post in their respective jobs. Government is running to save the people from this virus to give life in each person the government is giving so many offers. The government has told free bed, vaccination etc and they have less the amount of the things which we buy in this pandemic time. In the same situation the petrol, diesel and gas amount is in the top level all are requesting to less the amount. They are asking for loan without any intrest for two months. In each state all people are affected in one or other the central government cannot see only the amount raising. In this situation itself the china and Pakistan countries are fighting with India. To fight with them we want new equipments we must buy that and we should see the safety measures of the military persons. Each one is suffering in the winter to take care of them they need some amount. Even though many business and all give money for the central government they cannot see each and everyone because this corona is spreading for animals also. The government itself in a critical stage because the economy already going in minus. If this corona virus pandemic continues how the central government does is going to solve those problems. We have to see our own life all our in difficult situation.