It is not always the responsibility of the Government to take care of the citizens when something like this pandemic, it is our duty as citizens too, to help those around us to the possible extent we can go to help our fellow citizens. This pandemic really bought to light the work individuals and NGOs did to help those who were affected by the pandemic.

Not only the patients but also who were stranded on the road, without food or water were tended to with the empathetic volunteers. Along with the Government, the doctors and nurses who are working hard 24/7, many people volunteered to help people who had lost their livelihood and their health. Among all those warriors, Sonu Sood stands out. He has been hailed as the angel to save people from their miseries, messiah to their cries for help.

It all started when the nation wide lockdown was announced in May 2020, and thousands of migrant workers wanting to reach their hometown. There was a huge upraising from many ventures against the Government to help them. Amongst all these confusion, Sonu Sood arranged buses, trains and chartered flights to help them reach their destination. That was when the nation took notice of him.

After that, he appeared in many headlines for helping Indian students from Kyrgyzstan to come back to India by arranging a chartered flight. By this time, he was seen as a knight in shining armor saving the people of India from the grips of the virus. Many of the downtrodden started approaching his “Ilaaj India” when there was a threatening lack of oxygen in the country.

The most heartfelt thing was he even sold his wealth in order to help people come back to their home, to help students who were stranded in other countries come back to India. He launched a website and an app called “Pravasi Rojgar” to help those who had lost their livelihood find a job and support their family. He also has started an IAS coaching scholarship, “Sambhavam”, to coach candidates for free from underprivileged financial backgrounds to clear UPSC examinations.

The whole country was shocked when he announced that he had contracted the virus. India as a whole prayed for him as he shared a positive message for others to be safe. What a thoughtful man! Recently, he has provided the in-demand oxygen plants and cylinders to the patients who desperately need them.

It is possible for every single one of us to help the people in need. We need not be billionaires in order to spend money lavishly. When you see a homeless in the street, it is enough for you to buy them a single meal, you will feel fulfilled. There are many organizations who accept donations from Re.1. Help as much as you can, whenever you can.

“I Am No Messiah” says he, in his autobiography named the same, released in December 2020, but I am sure there are thousands who disagree with that and seem him as a power who lifted them up when they were pushed down.