Extreme Dependency on Computers

Technology has influenced every aspect of our everyday life. No one can undermine the importance of computers in industry, business organizations as well as in our day to day life. Cars, aircrafts, medical equipments and, even traffic signals are managed with the help of computer technology. Nearly all jobs require extensive usage of computers. Running on computerized treadmills in gyms is gaining preference over walking and exercising in parks. In fact computers have altered the way in which we are living in these modern times.

Computer addicts completely withdraw us from our real world and ultimately are drawn deeper into the virtual world. All are moving towards social acceptance without actually knowing one’s own self.

Excessive dependency on computers blurs off the lines of reality and mere fantasy and in extreme cases causes hesitation in communicating and interacting in the real world.

This overwhelming dependency on computers will undoubtedly create negative effects in our life.

Khushi Agarwal