In all our good times and bad times, our family supports us with the best care. Every member of the family plays a vital role in our life. Father is the one who is the head of the family and the one on whom all the family members can rely.We consider all our fathers as our first superhero, who teaches us about good and evil.While growing up, we watch stories and cartoons of superheroes. Everybody wants a superhero in their life. But the real and first superhero in the lives of a child is their father.
For every person, the father is the symbol of strength that binds the entire family together. A father works day and night tirelessly to support the whole family economically and morally.He is the most important member of the family whose love for his children is just like oxygen for the survival of the lives. There’s nothing that big that he could not do for his family and there’s no such sacrifice that he will not do. Every little thing he does makes him great!!
Whenever we are stuck in a problem, the first person we remember is our father. Father is a pivotal element of the society and stands as a pillar for the family, on whom we can rely. So, to respect all the fathers around the world and their efforts, we celebrate Father’s Day on 21st June every year worldwide.Children show their love and respect for their fathers by giving them gifts and cards.people are always engaged with their busy schedules, and may not be able to express love and support to their fathers frequently. That is why we utilize Father’s Day to appreciate our fathers for their extreme contribution.
It is not just father’s day, it should be every day, that we wake up in the morning with immense gratitude towards our father for providing us with a happy life that we are living, for protecting us from the evils, for showering us with love, and being the support system and guiding us in all the life’s path.Loving and honoring our father on just one day by maybe posting about them in social media or giving them gifts is not enough. We must appreciate their role in our lives every day throughout the year. Our father is the one who will always stay by our side.He works diligently day and night just to keep his family happy and at par with the evolving society. He makes sure that none of the members feels dejected for lack of anything. Fathers take up all the responsibilities, be it the education of his children or every other monetary needs. He works every day in the quest of bettering everything and thus bettering the condition of the family. It’s important that he be rewarded for what he is and what he has been doing for the whole family. From the very childhood, everybody should be taught to respect their fathers, no matter what ways it can be done.