The United Nations, recognizing its universal appeal, proclaimed June 21 as the International Day of Yoga by resolution 69/131 on December 11, 2014. The International Day of Yoga aims to raise awareness worldwide of the many benefits of practicing yoga. It has been celebrated because the ancient Indian art of healthy living. This yoga is a wonderful all pains in our body cannot cure through English medicines but we can to cure it with yoga. There must be a day for yoga was conceived by Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi, who proposed the concept on September 27, 2014, during his speech at the UN General Assembly. The resolution to adopt June 21 as International Yoga Day was introduced in the UN by India’s Ambassador, Ashoke Kumar Mukerji. This yoga is the best thing everyone should do yoga in the morning while the sun rises. The yoga has many benefits in it eventhough it is a simple moments but has many benefits in it. The yoga is an exercise which is used to do exercise for the head and joint pains. Rakul Preet Singh also took to her official social media handle to share how she started her day. The actress began International Yoga Day with Kunjal Kriya, which is a stomach-purification technique. “Started off a Yoga day today by doing Kunjal Kriya, as advised by my holistic nutritionist @munmun. Ganeriwal. In this time only we are all known about this gym and exercises. To keep our body fit without any diseases and to low be fat they were doing yoga. In those they used to do yoga daily, walking in the morning and eating food which is useful for our body. They used to eat food in a large sixe but they worked in the hot sun so much. The yoga is theme is to get fresh air; light and our body must be flexible. The prime minister of India Narendra Modi always encourages the Indian county people to do exercise daily. It is very easy to do than exercises because in exercise many old age people will suffer but in this yoga they do as usual. In yoga there is a exercise called meditation if we do it for 15 minutes are mind get relaxed and we are able to do the things more faster. Modi the prime minister in this day he told that if we do this yoga we can keep corona virus far away.
Yoga teachers are now crating special classes and offering courses with specific asana for mental health, immunity and breathing-related issues.
Yoga instructor Vidhi Shah from Mumbai explains, “Pranayama, which is breathing and meditation exercise in yoga, is the main practice to overcome anxiety, stress and breathing issues. There are several types of Pranayama, such as suryabhedan Pranayama, chandrabhedan Pranayama, and anulom vilom Pranayama, besides meditations like static and guided. A lot of people are seeking online classes that focus on these.”
She adds that several people are also seeking yoga lessons for their children – “Since children cannot go down to play, many parents are also seeking special kids’ classes and acro yoga lessons for them to keep them occupied and healthy.”