ARDE, Pune develops State-of-the-Art Canopy Severance System for fighter aircraft which helps safe ejection of pilot in distress

All modern aircraft are equipped with a Canopy Severance System (CSS), which is an escape path clearance system for the pilot in case of emergencies occurring on the aircraft. State-of-the-art CSS has been developed ab-initio at Armament Research and Development Establishment (ARDE), Pune in association with High Energy Material Research Laboratory (HEMRL), Pune, for the indigenously developed LCA Tejas and Trainer Aircraft, HJT-36 Aircraft and HTT-40 Aircraft. It provides safe passage by pre-weakening/severing the canopy to facilitate the smooth escape of the pilot in the shortest possible time.

A Transfer of Technology (ToT) Certificate Award Ceremony was held yesterday evening at ARDE in the gracious presence of  Distinguished Scientist and Director General of Armament and Combat Engineering P.K. Mehta of Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). Director, ARDE Dr V. Venkateswara Rao and Director, HEMRL KPS Murthy handed over the certificate to Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) S. Pramanik and General Manager (GM) R Chandra of M/s GOCL Corporation Ltd., effecting Transfer of Technology (ToT) for the Production of CSS for the indigenously developed aircraft.

CSS has two independent sub-systems. The first one is the In-flight Egress System (IES) for in-flight emergencies, which is integrated with the seat ejection operation and the second one is the Ground Egress System (GES) for on-ground emergencies, which is independent of seat ejection. CSS works on the principle of controlled propagation of detonation using explosive mechanical energy. It consists of critical mechanical and explosive components qualified to military-grade requirements and demonstrating high reliability.

CSS for LCA Tejas were tested successfully in seat ejection trials at M/s Martin Baker Co., London, UK and for trainer aircraft at M/s. Zvezda, Moscow, Russia. The CSS design has been cleared by Certifying Agency RCMA (AA), Pune and CEMILAC, Bangalore has issued Type Approval. ARDE and HEMRL are now capable of developing CSS for any Military Aircraft as required by Indian Air Force.