2020 Tokyo Olympics, IPL 2021, ICC World Championship, Wimbledon Grand Slam Championship, Euro Football Championships, Formula One are some of the many sports events that were postponed due to the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020. Some of them were conducted this year while some still stays postponed. With the sporting world on hold, what happens to the players who depend on it?

Photo by MAM Ashfaq on Pexels.com

There are entities who depend on the conduct of the sporting events. Players have rested for so long, they need to get back in the form. Fans want to see their favorite players and role model live in action. Along with sports, the running of gyms in the country has also been jeopardized. They have been closed for over a year now, and the trainers claim that most of the infections are not because of the gym being open. All the physical fitness freaks have been locked at home, forced to use the equipment available at home, sometimes make shift ones.

It isnโ€™t only the players who depend on the events being conducted, but a whole community from the ground keepers to the administrators who depend on the sporting events for a livelihood. Fan packed stadiums are a sight that everyone longs to see. US has managed to vaccinate majority of the population and recently a stadium full of 52,000 fans was witnessed in the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. Only fully vaccinated fans were allowed to enjoy the game in person.

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Staying fit has always been a requirement for a healthy mind. And for many of the fans, seeing their idols fit in shape will be an inspiration for them too, to stay fit. But since they havenโ€™t been to see their heroes in action, it has been a big disappointment. There was a mixed opinion when BCCI conducted IPL in the month of April. Though fans were overjoyed, the happiness was short lived when many of the players and the management tested positive for the virus. Following games were indefinitely postponed.

There went the only source of entertainment for sports fans who were tired of watching highlights of old games. But they have to be patient and pray for the situation to turn back to normal and for their favorite teams to play, happy and healthy.

We have to accept that this is the new normal. The world is not like what it was before. Wearing masks and carrying a hand sanitizer will be normal, and so will be us being careful. Sports will eventually return to its old galore, but for that we must cooperate and vaccinate ourselves. There will come a day where we will be watching our favorite teams playing and it wonโ€™t be highlights for once.