Le Serpent D’ Océan

Le Serpent D’ Océan, I don’t know how many of as knew this. This is situated on the Frenchshore at saint Brevin-les-pins. In that shore a massive metal sculpture of a serpent is situated and it is created by Chinese- French artist Huang Yong Ping, actually this is based on the rough iconography of Chinese mythological dragons and this is a 400- foot long art monster.

This art is posed in a slithering movement which is only a bones of a snakes which is made up of a dull metal frame that gives a life like quality to the sculpture.

The skeletal serpent was unveiled and entitled Serpent D’ Océan, in 2012 as a part of Estuaire art exhibition and involves international artists to create many long-scale sculptures using the environment surrounding the Loire river between Nantes and Saint-Nazaire.

This sculpture has a message which seems to a environmental nostalgia that the man’s mistreatment of ocean not only killing the ocean but also the life of the ocean. The curve of the serpent mirror the twist and turns of the nearly saint Nazaire bridge which links the piece to the very modern improvement.

The serpent D’ Océan which is given it’s location on the shore can be seen strange living creature in the ocean and can be seen as preserved skeleton depending upon the tide level. This is really a scary and also a fantastic art work.