The PRIDE Month

The PRIDE month is celebrated to elevate the LGBTQ community, to support their rights and upliftment.

As we have seen the LGBTQ flag contains 6 colours. All these 6 colours have different meanings to them. The LGBTQ flag was designed by Gilbert Baker in the year 1978. The 6 colours in the flag represents, the Red symbolises Life, the Orange symbolises Healing, the Yellow symbolises Sunshine, the Green represent Nature, the blue symbolises Harmony and the Purple symbolises Spirit.

Why is PRIDE month celebrated in June?

The PRIDE month is celebrated in June to commemorate the Gay Liberation Movement which took place in the Stonewall Uprising on June 28, 1969.  There was a huge riot between the police and the gay community at Stonewall Inn.

Later in 2016, Barrack Obama declared Stonewall Inn. a national monument.

Here is a list of some major sexual orientation, to make everyone aware about them

  1. Gay-This is used preferably for a man who is attracted to another man.
  2. Lesbian-This is used preferably for a woman who is attracted to another woman.
  3. Bisexual-Someone who is attracted to both the genders, same and opposite.
  4. Asexual-These are the people who do not feel sexual attraction to anyone.
  5. Pansexual-These are the people attracted to anyone regardless their gender identity.
  6. Heterosexual-These are the people who are attracted to the opposite gender.

Here is a list of some of the major gender identities

  1. Cisgender-When one’s gender aligns with the gender assigned at birth
  2. Transgender-When one’s gender differs to the gender assigned at birth
  3. Non-Binary-When one does not identify as any of the binary genders but has a sole identity.
  4. Agender-When one does not identify as any gender.

(There are many more such terms which are not stated above)

Being a good ally to the LGBTQ community means giving warmth, acceptance, respect and understanding them. Also do not hesitate to ask what pronouns they use and mention what pronouns you use. Never ever stereotype anyone or gossip about someone’s self-discovery journey and always try to make this world a better place to live for everybody.

Happy PRIDE Month to everybody reading this 🙂