Hacksaw Ridge as the name implies that was the site of some of the bloodiest fighting during the Battle war of Okinawa 74 years ago. Like many former World War II battle sites, time and nature have swallowed the carnage and muted the cries of the wounded and dying soldiers. This is a true story based on the war and this book is taken from the movie.  This book is written by Booton Herndon. This Hacksaw Ridge the movie focuses on the World War II experiences of Desmond Doss, an American pacifist combat medic who, as a Seventh-day Adventist Christian, refused to carry or use a weapon or firearm of any kind. This main character Desmond Doss walked into the bloodiest battle of World War II’s Pacific theater with nothing to protect him but only which saved him were his Bible and his faith in God. A devout Seventh Day Adventist and conscientious objector, Doss had enlisted as a medic and refused to carry a rifle. All the soldiers left but he was at the battle to save the army man’s who were suffering from the pain. He was able to save seventy five soldiers he had a motive that one more lord one more please let me know to find one more by repeating these words. He had found all the soldiers in the United States of America including some Japanese soldiers who were attacking United States but he didn’t consider that an all he was medic so he saved as much he can. When he was given first aid and he must send them so that he took a rope tied in a tree and around the soldier who is wounded and he gave is full strength by letting down without injury by doing like this for the seventy five soldiers. His hands are burnt and the blood was bleeding and when he was rescuing the last soldier from pain he was a officer. But at the time when he was rescuing the officer the Japanese soldier saw Desmond and the officer shooted the Japanese soldier and he was laid in a cloth by shooting and Desmond was carrying and running he didn’t care about the death. Eventhough he had a fear about his life but his ultimate goal is to save people who are wounded in the war. In the last after saving all the soldiers Desmond also will come down because most of them was dead and those who were alive he saved them. Then slowly all recovered so again they come up to fight this time while fighting to trick the Americans these Japanese showed the white flag to stop the flag and they throwed bombs those who were near them. In that Desmond was among the soldiers so got injuries he thought he is going to die in that time to he asked for bible. Then however Americans won the battle in the field against the Japanese. The Japanese held the high ground, and yet they still lost the battle, and hence why the Japanese officer in charge killed himself, not through fear of being caught, but because he would have felt shame in not achieving the victory he assumed was theirs by right.  So this was the story it was full of Desmond a brave man who is not caring about his life but others life.