We always feel the need to present ourselves better in order for others to respect us. We dress ourselves nicely, wear nice shoes, be pleasant. All these may be enough for a man. Men just throw on some shirts and pants and voila, they are ready. It is not the same with women. There are a thousand components and trinkets that need to match with our outfit, picking out the perfect outfit itself is a headache.

Above all, there is this thing called makeup which needs to be perfect. Many of us think makeup is an recent obsession. The early records of makeup traces back to Egypt in before 2907 BC. Kohl, present day kajal were used for eye makeup, and red clay was used to accentuate the color of lips and cheeks.

If you look at it, all of it were purely natural elements. Women and men used to wear white chalk on their faces for plays. Henna was used to dye their hair and even faces to get a tan. During the Elizabethan period in England, women used egg whites to get a glazed look.

India was a long way away from having cosmetics and synthetic makeup. But they had their own facial remedies, like turmeric and gram flour to have a flawless skin. These days though they have lessened in use, there are still women who use turmeric and gram flour for their face. The girls of these days have access to all the modern cosmetic products full of chemicals.

The advancement in technology can be applauded, but what can be applied naturally are being processed through multiple layers of chemicals and sold in the market. For example, fresh aloe vera refreshes our face and gives a bright look, but no one would go through the trouble of cleaning and applying it. Instead a tube of “Aloe Vera Face Wash” does the work. The question is does it?

The next big thing is shampoo and conditioner. Many of us suffer from hair fall. Those days they just had shikkakai paste and coconut oil. Conditioner was not even a thing back then. They had luscious long and healthy hair. No matter how much brands and types of shampoos come in the market, no matter with what name, no matter organic or inorganic, going back to nature is what is going to help us.

People have realized it and have started adding the word “organic” in front of all their products, and we end up buying it. We have become so progressive that even men are wearing makeup these days, there is nothing wrong with that, but choosing natural products will be better.

We must realize that there was a time when using chemicalized products were all rage. And when it was used in multitude, we started seeing side-effects. Now we are running back to Mother Nature in order to protect ourselves. But we are so genetically changed that, using chemicals has become the new normal for our body and it is not accepting the natural remedies.

It is high time, we ditch the chemicals and try to use natural products in order to stay healthy, both for ourselves and for our future generations.