Five strangest places in the world

Nazca Lines

Atlantis may be a myth, but the mysterious Nazca Lines are real. This majestic geography of arid coastal Peru depicts spiders, monkeys, plants and other artifacts. They date back to about 500 B.C. But they are much appreciated by the wind (although everything can be seen from the ground). No one knows why prehistoric Nazca culture went in an attempt to create Earth Cliffs, although they may have had a ceremonial role or may have been associated with stars in the sky.

Loch Ness

Beautiful Loch Ness is remarkable even without the monster sights that have become a global name. This lake, located in the Scottish Highlands, is the largest Scottish Loch. It reaches a depth of 755 feet (230 m) and covers an area of ​​21.8 square miles (56.4 sq km). This mammoth size may have been part of leading to rumors of a large beast lurking in the lake. Loch Ness Monster first made headlines in an article in 1933, which suggested that a disturbance between the ducks on the surface of the lake might be a fight. However, this was enough to provoke rumors, especially in 1934 when a photo of a long-necked lake monster was released.


According to Mexican tribes, this place is the center of the intersection of the real and other worlds. This is where incredible events that are difficult for a modern person to understand take place. Savinda is interested in many treasure hunters. Although the treasure has not been found there until now. Seekers attribute their failures to other world powers.

Yonaguni Pyramids

In Japan, near the island of Yonaguni, mysterious underwater pyramids were discovered. They are causing great controversy among modern scientists. It is not yet understood whether the construction was an event, or whether the pyramids were man-made. During numerous studies, scientists have been able to establish the approximate age of objects – they are over 10 thousand years old. If it is possible to prove that buildings were erected by unknown civilization, then the whole of humanity


All the people of the planet know about this place. It symbolizes its mystery, magical beginnings, and myths.The Stonehenge Megalithic System is about a hundred meters in diameter, located in the Salisbury Plain. In this sense, the stones are arranged in a circle and surrounded by an earthen tower and a moat. At the very center is an altar made of sandstone. Until now, scientists have not been able to determine what this structure was built for and how the ancient people used it. But here are suggestions that magical rites were performed or that it was an ancient laboratory.