Should education be free?

Education is one of the basic requirements for everyone to stand strong in front of the society. It gives us the confidence and power to be able to fight our fears and insecurities. Being an educated person makes you a strong, independent person who can make his own decisions. The freedom of taking your own decision and fulfilling the needs will be in your hand after getting educated.

Private schools are quite famous of charging high amount of fees. Most of the parents are not able to afford the expenses for education. India being the 2nd highest populated country, the number of resources available are not enough for the huge population. The scarcity of food, water, shelter used to face very commonly by the poor section of our society. Families who are not able to afford the proper meals, how they can think about sending their children to school. Government schools have changed a lot of perspectives of Poor people. Government is providing free books, food, education to those who are unable to afford. It is giving us wings through which we can fly without keeping our boundaries closed.

High fees were a restriction for every person from getting the basic and proper education. When the country is facing so much challenges because of COVID -19, Government is planning to sponsor free education for those who lost their parents due to the pandemic. It is a great initiative by government for the betterment of children from our country. Even after completing the school education, some people drop their dreams as the university fees are very expensive. To be a doctor, either you need to have the best brain or your need to have lot of money to pay to the Private college. Degrees can be issued by the power of money.

Free education should be must for children as the roots of every should be strong for building the strongest future ahead. Government is doing every bit to promote and spread awareness about the various programmed launched by them in terms of free education.

“Padhega India, Badhega India.”