Afforestation : way to heal mother Earth

Our mother Earth showers so much love and warmth for the human beings living on it. It is a beautiful world where everything is balanced and cheerful. Several things live together and creates a positive environment which includes trees, animals, birds, human beings, micro-organisms. Trees provide us the necessary oxygen, food, wood, etc. for the survival of any human being or animal. The benefits we get from plants are very hard to ignore. Environmental balance needs to be maintained for healthy lifestyle. On Earth, every organism, human being, plants are there for a reason.

Without plants, Pollution level and global warming increases which creates several problems with each passing day. Many industries set up their factories by cutting down the forest and trees for their own benefit. It creates an imbalance between nature and human beings. Global warming occurs due to deforestation. It creates a whole in the ozone layer through which ultraviolet rays comes on the Earth. It can cause severe diseases like skin cancer, damage the eyes, etc.

By adopting the method of afforestation, we can contribute to the Earth by saving it from the upcoming disaster. Afforestation is a great way to heal mother Earth by planting more and more trees and spreading awareness about the harmful effects of cutting down the trees. It is our duty to be more responsible and create a healthy life for our upcoming generation. They too deserve to live a healthy life without being scared and hiding their faces under mask from the Global warming and Pollution. Life is all about accepting the changes and moving on. Development is necessary for the world but cutting down the trees in not any solution. We need to innovate new ideas through which nobody gets any kind of harm and can coexist on this plane