Women empowerment

Women emporwerment s one of the most critical and essential things that everyone should support. It is when women are given the most power and right to make decisions for themselves. Women have been subjected to injustice through decades. They have been treated as non-existent for decades.

Women were else was always making decisions for them. This is one of the biggest reasons for women’s empowerment. It was one of the essential things which were the need of the hour. Women were made aware of their rights. Along with their rights, women were taught how to be self-independent in all aspects of their lives. They were taught how to create a space for them where they can grow and become the people they want to be.

The men always had all the rights. However, the women didn’t have any of these rights, even a small right like voting. Things changed when women realized that they, too, need equal rights. This brought along the revolution by the women demanding their rights. It spread the awareness that gender shouldn’t be the reason for that things go in their favor.

Countries all over the world called themselves, ”progressive countries” but every one of them has a history of ill-treating the women. Women in these countries had to fight against the systems to get the freedom and status that they have achieved today. However, in India, women’s empowerment is still lagging. There is more awareness that needs to be created for the awareness to spread.

India is one of the countries which is not safe for women, and there are several reasons for the same. One of the reasons for their lack of safety is the danger of honor killing. Families think that it’s the right to kill the female if they have brought shame to the family and reputation of the family.

Another big problem that women face is that there’s a lack of education. Women are discouraged from pursuing higher education in the country. Along with that, they are married early. The men dominating the women think that the role of women is limited to work for them. They don’t let these women go, and these women have no freedom.