Sight of Night Sky gone missing

In Night, millions of stars, beautiful clouds and shining moon will all be present. Even big cities and busy towns back then had an amazing view of night sky. But is that view visible now. Building lights dominate the star light. We were told that there are ‘n’ number of stars so its impossible to finish counting but the city’s brightness make it difficult for stars to even be visible.

Presence of too much obtrusive and misdirected artificial light in the night environment causes light pollution. High Light pollution washes out starlight in night sky, affects health, disrupts eco-system and disturbs astronomical research. When the light is reflected upward the glow reduces darkness of the night sky. About 95% of stars that can be seen with naked eyes are now invisible.

Light Pollution components include

  • Glare: excessive brightness
  • Sky glow: night brightened up in inhabited area
  • Light trespass: light falling where it is not required
  • Clutter: bright excessive and confusing groupings of light sources.

Light Pollution unlike other pollution is reversible. Taking action against it is important to bring changes. Conserved use of light only when required and otherwise keeping it off should be followed. Spreading awareness to family and friends to follow these small steps could be the beginning of change to get the night sky view back.