Hazards of modern living

Modern living may be a living both very comfortable and extremely tiring, both at the identical time. This may be very easily analyzed after we study the life of middle-class modern families. With ever many modern mechanical gadgets the housewife of today finds her household work much easier and faster than her counterpart of yesteryears. Within a really short period, she is in a position to try to do the whole household chores, and then, she is in a very position to devote her time to other activities of her interest. Such good but, within the bargain, she loses out on the hassle and exercise she could have gotten if she did all this work manually. This problem gets still further compounded if the housewife is additionally a working woman. Yes, then the advantage of mechanical gadgets is useful but take a look at her plight early within the morning when she has also to travel to the office in time. With such a lot workload she has also to travel to the office in time. With such a lot of workload, she becomes a machine and despite all the gadgets at her disposal, she gets no respite from rushing all the time. She becomes more sort of a robot doing all the work home and at the office or workplace sort of a machine. She here also loses out on the finer aspects of family-like love, care, and therefore the like as she has no time for these frivolities. Thus the girl who was once an image of care features a lot that sheen of the finer qualities of womanhood. She is now a machine with no feelings, no time, no special interests, she is all the time as if shunting between the house and also the office. So much for the change within the lifetime of the girl, the person also who always had to figure outside the house may now be earning a handsome pay but, by allowing the wife to figure outside the house is no longer at the receiving end anymore. He gets minimum that she wont to once shower on him when she had the time to try and do so. Now, because the woman is getting into the man’s shoes, she is and just must become hardened like him as she has no time to pamper him. Thus within the so-called modern kind of living the person is additionally a loser, he’s losing out on the emotional touch he got before the bug of modernity stung the family. As for the youngsters within the modern scheme of things I feel are the best losers within the family. They are doing head to the most effective of faculties because the family can well afford it, they play the simplest of games, have the foremost modern friends, but they grow in an environment which is deprived of love affection and every one the fragile emotions as there’s no time in anybody schedules to have interaction within the show of affection and interest. They are doing not get the texture of their mother’s loving cares nor their fathers joining the sport being played. Since these children are completely going out of the finer feelings of life and humans, they’re also, in turn, developing into more robots that employ simply mechanically. This leads to the youngsters having no attachments, no emotions which the humans are gifted with, and which feelings develop only with the specified circumstances. These children developing in modern nuclear families also are deprived of the pampering of the grandparents. The loving and interesting stories of the grandmother and jumping and frisking with the grandfather are missing entities during this contemporary world. Thus, fashionable living though very rewarding and satisfying has resulted in a very complete loss of human values, human emotions, and human attitudes. it’s these qualities that separate the individual from other living beings, and, if we’ve lost these qualities, I dare say we don’t seem to be faring any better than the lower species of life. The hazards of recent living are so great that they need resulting in destroying the very basic fabric of family life and loosened the bonds of the family of which we were proud within the past. In today’s world, the findings of technology, smartphone users have increased higher than usual.  As screen time increases and also risk for more diseases are also getting a chance of increasing. There’s undoubtedly an amazing growth within the financial status of families but it’s simultaneously resulted in an absolute loss of humanness of the members of the family. It’s now for us to make your mind up if this contemporary living is healthier and easier than the lifestyle elapsed.