Welfare work

Of late we hear many folks saying that they’re doing welfare or social work. What exactly does this mean? What reasonably welfare work is needed and desirable? Is it not the duty of the government to require care of the wants of those citizens? If so, is there needing for a few individuals and organizations to enter this field? In every democracy, and particularly in an exceedingly socialistic democracy, there’s a good responsibility on the government to supply social facilities and make sure of the final welfare of its citizens. In our country, our government is additionally taking care of a variety of welfare activities. It provides education and treatment. The welfare of the downtrodden and also the handicapped is additionally taken care of. These activities can’t be termed welfare work because the government is doing these as a component of its welfare program. Therefore welfare work shall mean something else, which is undertaken either by a person or by a company. Service may be that which is rendered for a few payments. But welfare work is that which is completed voluntarily, without expecting any reward or payment or recognition. Any help rendered on these lines by a person or organization to the needy might be termed welfare work. for instance, Teresa had started her mission of service to require the care of orphan children. The Andhra Mahila sabha is rendering invaluable services to women. These can be termed as samples of social work. We have negative side effects also. Some interested and self-seeking gentleman and ladies, who are rich and who could afford to spend, start institutions of varied kinds within the name of work. That’s a move to induce social recognition and respect from the general public. In many such cases, they’re individual-based, they begin work for a purpose, and after their purpose is served they either close it up or start exploitation. There are reputed organizations, who do valuable service to society within the name of work. Service to mankind is equal to service god. Hence selfless service to humanity at large could also be termed as actual welfare work. A program called N.S.S. (National Social Service) is there in colleges and universities involving all young boys and girls. These people attend the village to assist the agricultural folk within the fields of education, construction of roads and tanks, and to show them hygienic methods. There are still many areas where individuals can do lots of welfare work by simply appealing to the minds of individuals. they’re (1) Prohibition (2) anti-dowry system (3) eradication of illiteracy, (4) Village sanitation, (5) rural upliftment (6) medical aid, etc. in villages. We find many foreigners undertaking social work programs within the fields of treatment, education, and welfare of the handicapped. We now need to decide on how long we’ve to rely on foreigners for solving our problems. It’s time that we learn to serve our brethren without reckoning on foreign funds or foreign personnel. We should always inspire our youth to dedicate themselves to the service of the state. Deliberately spread more love and humanity rather than negative talks. Be the person for someone who is smiling today because the world needed it the most and help the people with the things you can afford.
We, humans, are divided in race, religions, castes so and so, and yet we all take hands to unite together to the welfare of society in this great battle of covid-19 by showing humanity from the soft corner of billions of people’s heart.

Choosing a career

Choice of career is now every day, a quite mind-boggling process within which young men and girls can set the ball rolling but, how far success touches them isn’t difficult to determine. In times, there have been very limited choices for the young to pursue as avenues and openings were very limited. There were, basically just three avenues of education, and that they were followed by just the identical three avenues of service. The three options are engineering, medicine, and arts. Thus, after completion of education, the youth were just caught up to those job avenues available within the ambit of their studies. At that time in time, it had been felt that the degrees had been earned after much labor, but the careers offered weren’t to their satisfaction. At times, it had been even felt that the individual’s potential wasn’t being fully tapped by the roles offered. This led to a good amount of dissatisfaction among the promising young. However, this might not be helped because there have been no others offers to come their way. With such planning for a career where one just had to accept any offer as there was nothing else to return, often clothed to be disastrous. Irrespective of what happened, there was, at that point, no way of fixing the career, for one there was the limited scope and secondly, the degree had tied the individual to an awfully specific job. This was fairly often very frustrating. This example has now changed quite a bit as there are numerous avenues for careers. regardless of the individual’s taste, there are avenues of service for each taste and each capacity. As an example, if a person has no liking for studies, and instead likes to dance or sing, there are an enormous number of options he/she has, to carve a career for himself/herself. Today, irrespective of what a person likes to try to do, he/she has an avenue open for a sound career. There are choices for the youngsters to channelize their attention wholesale to the topic of their choice for a career. With this, the attitudes of individuals have also changed, to create it easier for the young to regulate the career of their choice. This is often because every career has now attained dignity and financial growth for equal capacity. This was also a hurdle in earlier times. In days lapsed example, dancing, singing, and acting were all taboo for kids of fine respectable families. Now, with this attitudinal change in society, children even from the foremost respectable families can enter these avenues. This has also contributed to the expansion of the career horizontal. In point of fact, even during this situation of multitudes of avenues to settle on from, the kids are still finding it a difficult moment to decide on a career. Even as previously children had very limited choice, today they need an excessive amount of a spread that, they drift within the labyrinth of choices, and sometimes wind up within the wrong place. this can be because, at the time and age at which children pass out of XIIth, they don’t know what they need to become. only a few children at this age are correctly focussed that, they know just exactly what they need for his or her career. These children know what they need to become and where they’ll excel, given their aptitude and their liking, and their circumstances. Thus within the matter of a choice of a career, I’d say the position has little question changed but, it can not be called completely foolproof. Expect for the only a few children who are very clear and focussed, the bulk who are common, keep hobnobbing with different choices, because the attraction in each case seems to be great enough to draw in attention, and it’s here that they fail to measure their real slot where they may fit and achieve success. Besides this, the common class of youngsters now and then even the very clear-headed and focussed children get to face their limitations because of external circumstances. Then the competition is most that, fairly often even the superb students fail to induce the career of their choice, and thus forced to suit themselves in a very career of their second or maybe third choice. Thus, within the choice of a career, several phenomena play a component, and whether or not the kids know exactly what they require they fail to induce it as a career. Thus, although several avenues of service have opened, attitudes have changed there are umpteen children who don’t want what they get and don’t get what they need, they simply need to follow a career to earn a living. this is often a matter of the common child even today with most development within the employment segment. This can be because, for one, the typical child isn’t sufficiently focused to form the proper choice, and while options have increased competition has also skyrocketed.

Hazards of modern living

Modern living may be a living both very comfortable and extremely tiring, both at the identical time. This may be very easily analyzed after we study the life of middle-class modern families. With ever many modern mechanical gadgets the housewife of today finds her household work much easier and faster than her counterpart of yesteryears. Within a really short period, she is in a position to try to do the whole household chores, and then, she is in a very position to devote her time to other activities of her interest. Such good but, within the bargain, she loses out on the hassle and exercise she could have gotten if she did all this work manually. This problem gets still further compounded if the housewife is additionally a working woman. Yes, then the advantage of mechanical gadgets is useful but take a look at her plight early within the morning when she has also to travel to the office in time. With such a lot workload she has also to travel to the office in time. With such a lot of workload, she becomes a machine and despite all the gadgets at her disposal, she gets no respite from rushing all the time. She becomes more sort of a robot doing all the work home and at the office or workplace sort of a machine. She here also loses out on the finer aspects of family-like love, care, and therefore the like as she has no time for these frivolities. Thus the girl who was once an image of care features a lot that sheen of the finer qualities of womanhood. She is now a machine with no feelings, no time, no special interests, she is all the time as if shunting between the house and also the office. So much for the change within the lifetime of the girl, the person also who always had to figure outside the house may now be earning a handsome pay but, by allowing the wife to figure outside the house is no longer at the receiving end anymore. He gets minimum that she wont to once shower on him when she had the time to try and do so. Now, because the woman is getting into the man’s shoes, she is and just must become hardened like him as she has no time to pamper him. Thus within the so-called modern kind of living the person is additionally a loser, he’s losing out on the emotional touch he got before the bug of modernity stung the family. As for the youngsters within the modern scheme of things I feel are the best losers within the family. They are doing head to the most effective of faculties because the family can well afford it, they play the simplest of games, have the foremost modern friends, but they grow in an environment which is deprived of love affection and every one the fragile emotions as there’s no time in anybody schedules to have interaction within the show of affection and interest. They are doing not get the texture of their mother’s loving cares nor their fathers joining the sport being played. Since these children are completely going out of the finer feelings of life and humans, they’re also, in turn, developing into more robots that employ simply mechanically. This leads to the youngsters having no attachments, no emotions which the humans are gifted with, and which feelings develop only with the specified circumstances. These children developing in modern nuclear families also are deprived of the pampering of the grandparents. The loving and interesting stories of the grandmother and jumping and frisking with the grandfather are missing entities during this contemporary world. Thus, fashionable living though very rewarding and satisfying has resulted in a very complete loss of human values, human emotions, and human attitudes. it’s these qualities that separate the individual from other living beings, and, if we’ve lost these qualities, I dare say we don’t seem to be faring any better than the lower species of life. The hazards of recent living are so great that they need resulting in destroying the very basic fabric of family life and loosened the bonds of the family of which we were proud within the past. In today’s world, the findings of technology, smartphone users have increased higher than usual.  As screen time increases and also risk for more diseases are also getting a chance of increasing. There’s undoubtedly an amazing growth within the financial status of families but it’s simultaneously resulted in an absolute loss of humanness of the members of the family. It’s now for us to make your mind up if this contemporary living is healthier and easier than the lifestyle elapsed.

The diligent working woman’s priority

The home has always been a woman’s priority, it still is and shall always remain. It’s the lady who makes a home into a home, with all the outpouring of her love, care, devotion, and exertions. This fact has always been recognized by all and hard truth of a man’s life but, today this fact is being intentionally move size. The rationale is simply the woman’s, working outside the house. The education of ladies has, on the one hand, making them capable of shouldering burdens of life more exquisitely and, on the opposite side, this has led to a form of catastrophe for the house. This can be because once the lady is educated and becomes capable of earning, she prefers to carve out a career for herself. This can be significantly fine and as everyone would love. However, this working women as a category, become more inclined to avoid, dislike and even think about housework as being a task below her dignity. For it’s here that this class of working women has been born to an enormous number of problems within the family and society. This has created problems that were unparalleled ever before in India. This has created problems that were unparalleled ever before in India. Once the girl is functioning outside the house, the house automatically gets neglected. The explanations for this neglect aren’t far to hunt. For one, when the lady has figured out for the full day, she is left with no energy to figure reception after the day’s work, a genuine cause. Besides being tired, she is now also seen losing interest in engaging at home. She just does the minimum to stay the family going, with no interest in making any improvements within the home. Now, once she has started working and earning, she also very naturally develops the need to behave just like the man who was till now, the privileged one. This attitude as hers, brings in its trail her continuous loss of interest within the family and her top priority, being enhancing her career prospects. All this development within the status of ladies has been born into a cross-section of multifarious problems. The first to suffer at hands of those working women are the poor innocent children, who don’t seem to be ready to get any quality time to spend with their mothers. The result’s disobedient rude children, who are often out of control as they become old. They become, carless children as, they see none of the fragile emotions being showered upon them, so, how and from where will they learn these finer emotions of life. The elders nowadays absolutely no place in such a home. They’re often neglected and even ousted from the house on the identical pretext or the opposite. This successively has given rise to a replacement problem of senior citizens, which never existed in India. As for the approaching and welcoming of guests in homes of working women could be a thing unwarranted. When the lady is out of the house for the full day, who will take care of guests. So, with women working outside the house the concept of entertaining guests is out of all programs. Thus, care of kids, care of elders, care of the other members of the family, and care of guests are all lost within the maze of the schedule of the working woman. This situation has led to the mushroom growth of creches, where the youngsters spend their quality time, maturity homes for the uncared old parents, and therefore the community of guests is lost completely. Of these problems, I understand that is given impetus by the one act of ladies figuring out of their homes. Besides, when the little child gets his training in an exceedingly creche, as he grew up, as he grows up, he finally ends up with a brand new problem of dependency. Of these problems in our society is traced down to the working of girls. On the one hand, it’s true that the working woman adds to the family income, improves the quality of the family as far because the income of the family is worried. She adds to her personal; image but, all this can be achieved at the value of insoluble problems created within the family and therefore the society. Now, once she becomes an equal partner in real terms, she is guaranteed to become a cause for worry for the person of the family, as his ego and manly pride take a flight to the winds. Thus, this ends within the man’s revolting reception, in society, and within the office. The man’s argument now could be that when a lady is equal, why should she get any privileges as a girl. This response of the person to the working woman is, I feel quite justified, and right to a good extent. The person who was without delay time, an uncrowned king of the house, family, and society is now being so challenged. All these problems have arisen thanks to the straightforward fact of the woman’s understanding of the house, shoulder to shoulder with the person.

Olympic games

International Olympics Day is observed on June 23 per annum to celebrate sports and health. The day aims at promoting sports and spreads the message of constructing sports as a vital part of life. The creation of the modern-day Olympic Games is inspired by the traditional Olympic Games held in Olympia, Greece. In 1894, the 8th century BC to the 4th century AD, Baron Pierre de Coubertin founded the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and laid the inspiration for the Olympic Games. Olympic games have a history of about twenty hundred years. There were first played near mount Olympus in Greece in 778 B.C. in honor of the Greek god Zeus. The Olympic Games were revived in 1894 by the effort of a French nobleman, Pierre-de-Coubertin. Olympics were held in (Greece) in 1894. From then onwards the modern Olympic games are being held once every four years. There was a break, however, during the period of world war-1 and world war-2. The 20th Olympics were held in 1972 in Germany. Later Olympics were held in Montreal, Moscow, Los angles, Seoul and Barcelona. The 1996 Olympics were held in Atlanta. The  2000 Olympics had held in Sydney, Australia. In 1947, Doctor Gruss, a world Olympic member in Czechoslovakia, presented a report within the 41st Session of the International Olympic Committee in Stockholm and proposed to look at every day to celebrate Olympic Day. One year later in 1948, the organizing committee finally decided on June 23 because of the International Olympic Day to honor the International Olympic Committee’s foundation at the Sorbonne, Paris. The first Olympic Day was celebrated within the year 1948. The day was proposed to push the Olympic idea and encourage more and more participation within the games.
World Olympic Day of 2021: What is the Significance & Theme of that day?
The day is well known to encourage more people to participate in the Olympic Games and spread awareness about the event and promote the Olympic Movement. The main concept is to move, learn and discover concerning no age, sports background, or sporting ability. In some countries, the event is incorporated into the varsity curriculum, while many NOCs have included concerts and exhibitions as an element of the Olympic day in recent years. Recent NOC activities also included meetings for youngsters and kids with top athletes making it easier for people to become a part of Olympic Day. The theme for this year is to remain healthy, stay strong, stay active with the OlympicDay workout on 23 June.

Olympic games attract all the athletes from different parts of the countries, all over the world. It shows the symbol of international friendship and brotherhood. The Olympic symbol consists of 5 rings or circles linked together. The five rings represent five different continents –Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. The linking represents unity. The five rings are of different colors. They are blue, yellow, black, green, and red. The torch is first lit at Olympus in Greece and then taken to the place of meeting by relay runners.

In modern times, the winners are awarded medals and certificates with recognition for those who won first, are awarded gold medals. Those who second and third are awarded silver medals and bronze medals. Competitions are held generally in the following games and sports:

(1)Archery, (2) athletics, (3) badminton, (4) baseball, (5) basketball, (6) boxing (7) canoeing, (8) cycling(9) equestrian sports, (10) fencing, (11) football, (12) gymnastics, (13) handball,  (14) hockey, (15) judo, (16) modern pentathlon, (17) rowing, (18) shooting, (19) swimming, (20) table tennis, (21) tennis, (22) volleyball, (23) weightlifting, (24) wrestling and yachting.

In Layman’s view-The world of fashion

In layman’s view, let us know about the fashion in our daily lifestyle. Fashion comes and fashion goes but or the style designer remains forever. Allow us to at the onset of this the name given to the mode of dress and makeup at any given time. Fashion is not anything that’s static or stays for any length of your time. When people have forgotten the past. Like everything else, Fashion also keeps changing and this alteration is that the backbone of all-time fashion. However, what we’ve to know about fashion is that, how far can fashion change. Let us for example take the dress of girls, which is that the most important thing within the modern times of today. As an example, take the Dress of saree and a blouse. A blouse changes from full sleeves, to three-Quarter sleeves, to half sleeves, and sleeveless. Once this circuit of change is over in a very particular length of your time, the style comes back to full sleeves and continues on the identical path yet again. Sometimes it’s seen that the black isn’t there, sometimes the front is changing in shape. With these Variations within the blouse, decades surpass and therefore the fashion comes back to the Orginal position from where it started. Regarding the saree, this is often even originally a very versatile dress. Every state of India includes a different type of wearing it and draping it around. This is only one piece of a dress that we see of change. In point of fact, all dresses need to go through changes so as to suit the pattern of the most recent in fashion. Another example we can see in men’s wear the pant. At just once it accustomed be broad from top to bottom, Loose fit. uninterested in a loose fit came the bell-bottoms with the length of the pant being fit, but being bell-shaped and lose sort of a bell at the underside, and hence named bell bottom. After ages, the loose bell gave thanks to tight pants not only tight but I have to say they were skin-tight, called drainpipe trousers which were actually shaped absolutely straight sort of a drain thus named drainpipe trousers. Now, the most recent could be a change from pants of any pattern and size to jeans. The pant has now taken the position of formal wear. In the major and commonest dresses, we’ve got noticed how patterns keep changing. In the world of fashion, there has got to be a continual change. However, there’s still a limit to the extent, fashion can go, within the given scenario. But, nowadays of exposure to the body, even there’s a limit so, fashion designers must keep changing the portion of the body that should be exposed. Sometimes and in some dresses, the legs are shown, and in others, the front or back is shown. it’s only within these permutations and combinations that the designer needs to work. The day when the complete body is sparingly covered or dressed is not very far. Regarding a following for the style setters, they are doing not need to worry the least bit this aspect, for, it’s been noticed time and again that, the style designer just must bring out something new, something different, and therefore the public, yes all of it follows it. This is often because it is a thing of pride to decorate like all others. It’s this attitude of the general public that has made the World of fashion a really lucrative business /profession.No matter what the change introduced in a dress, the general public is guaranteed to follow it as, to be in fashion is thrown resolute the winds, and anyone Who isn’t dressed as per the newest code of the planet of fashion is backward, orthodox, and just not fit to move in society and this offers a lift to the business of fashion. With this attitude towards fashion, the industry of fashion has a heyday. Though being in fashion is a rich hobby, most people wish to stay in fashion and follow the newest trends. In this regard, I feel that since fashion keeps on changing which also in no time, rather than a private following it, it’d be more interesting for fashion to require a full circle and came back for me to suit within the slot. In my view, we must always wear a dress that suits us and is comfortable. Certainly, a time will come when whatever we prefer to wear is going to be in fashion on behalf of us.


Cinema plays a major entertaining role in all of our lives. Right from doing actions of our favorite celebrity or dialogues or even music, it had created impact in all children to old aged people. However, today it’s somewhat losing its value for a large number of reasons. Impact of cinema: When we enter a classroom we see the teacher using visual aids to show the kids in their class. Why we use visual aids for teaching? Are the lectures of the teachers not enough for the taught to grasp what’s being explained? the solution is, the lectures of the teachers aren’t enough. Rather than lectures, or providing any aid to teaching, this visual picture can leave a long-lasting imprint on the kids, they comprehend it better and may commit it to memory also for an extended time. Thus, after we utter the impact of cinema in India we are attempting to grasp and analyze what the effect of cinema is on the viewers. Since it’s all right accepted that visual features a great impact not only on the kids but even on the adult mind, though to a limited extent. However, this impact is more applicable and visual within the young and therefore the unlettered people. This is because the young have an immature mind and may be influenced by what they see very easily. On the unlettered adult also the impact is clear and, this can be because he doesn’t know the facts and might be influenced by whatever he sees. He doesn’t have an analytical mind so, he thinks what sees is simply the proper thing to try and do. thus the image of the cinema screen is seen to possess an indelible mark on the young and therefore the unlettered. However, this can be not happening which is why we see the scenes of the cinema halls being experimented with in the world by the 2 categories just mentioned. The effect of the cinema’s trash is being rediscovered by the kids and therefore the lower categories of our population. Once they’re out of the hall, they fight to remember what they saw and check out it comes in their own lives. The cinema is teaching the 2 important things which are ruining the material of society. The 2 things most typical to most movies are vulgarity and violence. When kids see all this they’re naturally tempted to repeat all, and also the result’s here for all folks to work out. this contemporary trend of Indian cinema may be a pure imitation of the west and Hollywood. Some kind of violence has a really negative impact on the youngsters, who copy it all and thus destroy the normal Indian culture of shyness and goodness. Besides all this being copied, what has harmed most is that the glamour seen on the silver screen. This gain harms the young and class. The young want all they see of glamour. For this, their demands from their parents go skyrocketing,  and when the oldsters are unable to meet their wishes for a life stuffed with glamour they have an inclination to be frustrated. The young g are at risk of new thinking so, once they see all the show business, they begin thinking that, this can be life and when the truth is proved to contrary, they get depressed. this can be a really negative role in the cinema of the young. within the exact same way, the uneducated adults also see their glamour and money and therefore the proven fact that crime is usually rewarded or, a minimum of not punished they also, want to measure a lifetime of affluence and learn to be violent or criminals. Thus the impact of Indian cinema on our people is gigantic. our budding generation is getting wrong notions of what life is and maybe. Violence and vulgarity are making space for themselves in every home. The impact of Indian cinema is completely disastrous for the long-run generation. They like to achieve all that their heroes and heroines have, and within the bargain, they lose track of even a straightforward happy and satisfying life. The cinema and also those working during this line must take it as their responsibility to assist generate human values instead of imbuing in us Unindian and unethical standards. Movies teaching and depicting what India was, what it’s become, and what it should be within the future would be clean themes for brief movie stories. even as this visual aid is corrupting the people, that neat and clean cinema will surely enhance our ethics and morals. For that, visuals will surely leave a bearing. Today, popular good cinema has become a rarity. This is often because, the filmmakers use this platform to earn money, so cinema rather than being treated as a learning material is now treated as a commodity that, when sold will fetch rich dividends. What the impact of cinema is, and can always remain is, for us to ponder. A change within the trend of Indian cinema is long overdue. If the people involved have any loyalty and a way of responsibility, the assembly of unpolluted entertaining cinema must start forthwith.

Potential of youngsters

Let us first take into consideration what power really means. Power means the flexibility and also the energy to try to do something spectacular. Power will be categorized as per group of things or persons. for instance, there’s muscle power, money, power, youth power. Of these power to reckon with and everyone works wonders as and when required. When any of these three energies are put to action they’re called power.

Like the other powers, youth power could be a power of sorts that will generate achievements galore, this can be the ability of youth to realize. The power of the youth is incredibly great, it’s the potential of achieving targets. Though this power is undoubtedly great, it has to be harnessed and channelized. Once the facility takes its momentum, there’s no looking back or stopping. Now, who is to channelize this enormous power? It’s the elders, like teachers, parents, and every one elder they see around them in their lives. If this power of youth is correctly directed, it’s wonderful if there might be any task difficult for them. they only need sober and mature guidance from elders, and off they’re going ahead to realize. This can be because their minds are still not mature enough to grasp the intricacies of all they are doing. They have to be told the reactions of whatever they are doing that, they’ll choose following the proper path. If this guidance is given properly there’s no reason why we’d not see wonders being achieved.

The power of the youth is so immense because they all need the qualities required for achievers. They are for one bubbling with enthusiasm, they need the requisite desire to attain and above all, they’re a storehouse of physical energy. If all this gets a meaningful and proper direction, the youth have the capacity which nobody else can match.

Direction to youth will be ascertained once we see a number of the misdirected youth doing all types of heinous crimes, becoming terrorists, and resorting to other malpractices this can be because the youth is either not being guided or being positively misguided by adults for his or her own interests. This happens simply because the youth cannot even imagine the repercussions of what they are doing, as they are doing not know much about life. So, if they’re misguided, they follow their teachers, and if they’re properly guided they will follow their masters.

When we hear people talking from pulpits and platforms about service to humanity, I feel rather than taking such a lot to an audience of older people they must apply this strategy to the youth. We must always lead them to figure out for humanity of which they’re apart. I dare to say their achievements would be beyond our comprehension if the youth is brought into the mainstream of working for others. This may help the country take huge strides towards progress and growth.

The youth will hear what they’re lectured but the effect is the ability to see their elders following whatever they’re lecturing. Here is that the catch. If the youth are engaged in such works, they’re going to not get any time for any frivolities like vulgarity and violence. If the elders try and fix youth power, we can see them work wonders in any field. This is often a terrific force that must be encouraged, harnessed, and led to getting the required results.

And every year 12th of august is celebrated as an international youth day. Youth power may be a power that will be wonders of work if they led properly and make blunders if they are left out without mature leaders.

Growth of women

Women are said to be frail naturally. She is shorter and delicate compared to the strongly built man. But man forgets that a woman was created to play a selected role in nature which no one cannot that’s, the role of mother. In intelligence both are equal. a person is aggressive and emotional. A woman is patient, calm, and receptive. She will bear more pain and has more tolerance than a person in both physical and psychological states. She is strong in conviction and perseverance. Yet women everywhere the globe are playing a huge role in life.

The position in India is so different. Women were glorified in epics and Puranas, for his or her service to their men. Serving a father first, secondly a husband, and later serving her children and grandchildren had been her lot. Puranas mention the names of Sita, Savitri which glorify them for their devoted service to their husbands. After independence, the constitution of India gave all equal rights to men and ladies in every aspect of our life. Comparatively, today plenty of things have changed over after decades in this modern technological science world and there are people in some rural areas, cannot say that everyone woman in India enjoys equal rights with men altogether matters, There prevails many reasons for this, the customs and traditions prevalent for hundreds of years, the high percentage of illiteracy among women, Ignorance of their rights, Patriarchal society, national economy, acceptance of the speculation of karma or fatalism, unchecked male domination all told walks of life.

Despite these problems mentioned above, one could see that the condition of Indian women over after decades has improved a lot. Now all the ladies and ladies are given sufficient education and knowledge within the society. Even working, there are still special reservations indeed talent with hardworking people are is hired. We can see women flying in colors all together in their specific fields and clerical jobs, like I.A.S., I.P.S., and Indian Air force. There are reservations in legislatures also. There are women within the sports of the chief minister, prime minister. It is an exception because the womenfolk, particularly within the rural areas, are yet to return from their bondage. Every year, March 8th is well known for the international day for women, in making them encouraged and praised for them there on that fine day. The ladies were conscious of their status and place in society. There are many movements in our country, likewise as in other countries the advancement for women. As far as India is anxious, it’s already agreed to treat women as equal with men altogether respects. the proper way, in today’s world both men and ladies are equally treated and similarly as more awareness and education about women are profound everywhere the people., regardless of the difference now exists, hoped to sure vanish within the coming decades where women also get an education and liberate themselves from superstitions and irrational traditions.

A man and woman are like two wheels of a cart. The cart can move fast and safely, as both the men and women were supposed to pull all their equal shares of burdens and elating moments within the same direction and with equal strength and support. Hence, no developing country or society can afford to ignore the role of women if they’re to progress.

Walk longer live longer

Your heart could be a muscle that beats 24 hours on a daily basis for a lifetime but like all muscles, it must be exercised in order that it can pump more blood each beat and save all of your energy. An unfit heart has more work to try and do. Then even simple tasks like walking to the shops or carrying the shopping bags can become quite tiring but if you exercise aerobically, then your muscles can use oxygen more efficiently, your heart pumps more blood with each and every beat and it doesn’t beat as fast. aerobics is important for your heart.

Walking is that the safest and best cardiopulmonary exercise for your heart because it’s easy to start a walking program and simple to stay up. Walking is an exercise that you just can safely do for the remainder of your life.

Your heart will benefit most from the sort of activity that builds up stamina. The vigorous effort of activity builds up stamina. The vigorous effort of moving your muscles rhythmically creates a greater demand for oxygen within the blood, and more work for the guts and lungs.

research by country exercise physiologist Dr. Adrinne hardman and her colleagues at Loughborough University found that fat level within the blood after a fatty meal was lower in folks that had taken a brisk walk the day before. Volunteers who took a two-hour brisk walk the day before a meal had 30 percent less dietary fats in their blood than after they eat similar food on a daily basis without exercise. And early suggests similar benefits from brisk walking after a meal. It seems that brisk walking helps clear, dangerous fats from the blood and cuts the risks of clogged arteries. So walking is that the best medicine is you have got.

They say that adulthood puts wrinkles on our minds than our faces. you’re as old as you’re feeling. within the fight against aging, mental fitness is as important as good condition. Mental fitness gets you up and going for a walk, mental fitness gives you a brand new attitude, a replacement outlook on life, mental fitness gives you the drive and energy to create plans for a healthy future.

Many people drift into maturity as if it’s inevitable. they create financial plans for his or her time of life and retirement but they do not give identical consideration to a physical plan so as to enjoy these years to the complete. They drift into their middle and later years sitting around and awaiting a heart failure when what they ought to be doing is following an exercise and diet plan they must be doing is following an exercise and diet decide to help them enjoy life to the complete. A sedentary lifestyle is taken into account so bad, that the American association on a par with high force per unit area, high blood cholesterol. They found that the smallest amount of active people are almost twice as likely to own cardiovascular disease because the most active.

Just walk and have an honest breathe and remind yourself that this very moment is that the only one you recognize you have got needless to say.


Unemployment is a serious problem faced today by India. Nearly 50% of educated youth are yet to find suitable jobs. Even those who are employed in agriculture in rural areas are only partly employed as they are unemployed for many months in a year. This is due to an economic problem.

With our society getting more and more money-oriented, it is obvious that everyone runs after money, as this will bring power to the trail. In the past, acquiring wealth was just to maintain a good and respectable standard of life, but today money and only money is sought for, it is the only thing that is respected, the only thing that is loved and the only thing that can buy anything at all-a strong power in itself money has become. To fulfill all the necessities employment first needs. Many reasons could be given for this unemployment and under-employment. The first reason is an explosion of population. The natural resources, the land, and means are the same. The population has almost increased. The second is modern industrial policies have turned all the people to migrate into countries and cities and towns to work. And also the manpower resources are not planned according to the needs of the next decade. The third is the unsuitable educational system. those who come out of schools and colleges should be known the value of white-collared jobs as well as blue-collared jobs. Blue collared jobs are also known for their self-confidence and also one should know the dignity of laborers. This lacks the mental ability and the manual skill to take up a productive job. Education must be job-oriented. The disparity in pay and salary exists, where a man who does manual work and another who does mental work are equal in the matter of needs. Unless the income disparity is reduced, people look up manual jobs.
This lockdown, Covid-19 has created lots of losses and disasters for all the self-employment peoples, and the private and the government agents are also under pressure. Numerous people have also lost their jobs. In today’s technology developmental world, we are open up to various fields to showcase our talents and experiences and explore some sort of new things to the whole world by all the social media platforms to make it wisely and earn it happily, this lockdown has taught this to every nook and corner persons all over the world, right from young people to all the old age people.

Apart from this, people also create themselves, like weaving, embroidery, food preservation, homemade packing, and marketing, etc., could also be taught that this also better employment. Self-confidence should be restored in youth and those capable should be allowed to help themselves in the field and also give hands to uplift every possible soul. Unemployment creates a lot of depression, stress, and pressure for everyone and it leads to mental illness. Although the government is doing its best to solve the problem of everything.Hope to be strong through tough times, and be there for each other in these hardest battles.

Everyone has a treasure and I call it as a time. 


In this pandemic, it’s all about staying safe home at doing all the regular activities for over days and months, and we are still counting. So being in-home, we do take this time, taken for granted, and using it more lethargic.

Time is claimed to be an endless, everlasting one. It’s said that it neither has a  beginning nor an end. Yet men can measure it as years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds. They give meanings to the words past, present, future. True, time incorporates a meaning. It moves. What was yesterday isn’t today, what’s today won’t be tomorrow, so what try and live the instant at the moment? and in all the tiny ordinary miracles of day-to-day lives. Yet a time is claimed to possess no holidays. It exists always.

The entire creation moves on in keeping with a time pattern, there’s birth, growth, and death. There’s time for everything we stumble upon. Plants bloom flowers and provide juicy fruits. Seasons come and alter consistently with time. When a toddler is born, it grows into childhood stages, teenage, youth, middle age, and adulthood consistent with age and time. Every movement of creation on this planet is linked with time. One cannot grow paddy or wheat during a month nor daily. Consequently, one child cannot become an adult in an exceedingly year. Everything is fixed to a time frame.

Time could be a free force. It does not wait for any. It’s a commonly said quote that” time and tide anticipate none”. Time is like money. A second, not usefully spent is a never-ending loss. And yes, I spotted it after I came so far at this point in my life. you’ll be able to never come back to the lost day and time. The time flies and never returns.

Therefore one has got to know the worth of your time. Seize it and do use every moment of it. Never shelve what you’ll be able to do today to tomorrow because you are doing not know the way tomorrow would be. Procrastination is that the thief of your time, it results in a waste of your time, and at last, it wastes you. All men tend to be emotional at some point of the stage in life. Time heals all the injuries and even it heals what reason cannot. When negative emotions like anxiety, envy, fear of missing out have overtaken them, they act hurriedly resulting in serious consequences. they will repent later after emotions calm down. But the damage done is finished and it remains forever. Even that damage can heal over the passage of your time. People involved may forget and forgive. that’s the importance of your time and its healing touch. Time may be a wise counselor. Passage of your time allows a private to grow. This growth gives you experience. Experience helps in taking decisions over tasks.

Wasting time isn’t harming others. One is harming is himself  Some people always complain that they’re running out of your time and there’s no time for them to try and do any of the work and it’s late. That doesn’t actually seem correct. If one is ready to wisely plan all his activities, there’ll be time for everything happening. somebody’s a part of nature, cannot grumble over time. Time is more powerful. It conquers everyone.

To conclude in today’s technology there are plenty of smartwatch brands, applications that are developed to stay remind of all of your works and make the foremost of it. If you’re not on time, you’ll miss the flight and you miss it forever. Once you miss it, it flies off. you’ll never catch that point. Hence it’s called fleeting time. Learn to use the time more authentically and fruitfully.

Is science a boon or bane?

We are within the age of science and technology. Man cannot live without the help of science. Science has engulfed our lives that nothing can happen in our day o day work without the assistance of science. Our food, transport, learning, administration, recreation, and social life are linked with science in various ways.

To answer the question, whether science has come to mankind as a boon or because of the reason for ruin. one should know what science actually means. Science is claimed to be a scientific classification of experiences. We, men, wonder at the varied thing and events happening around us. We get doubts about what are they? why are they happening? If so why these questions are the fundamental seats of science. then starts with thinking, analyzing, reasoning, synthesis, and contrast, and at last, the reality reveals. scientists say there’s a methodology for everything and there are inevitable steps to follow, they include, observation, hypothesis, experiment, theory, and proofs. all scientists having the way followed these steps.

Aim of science:

The aim of science is to go looking for truth and to grasp things, hitherto unknown. A scientist doesn’t accept ideas, just because they were accepted by others earlier. Great discoveries are a result of reasoning. lots of patience and observation are required. Civilization, because it today, is that the result of a variety of discoveries made within the field or of science. The invention of the easy wheel has resulted in our modern industrialization. Electricity, as a source of energy, has revolutionized the planet. Science has contributed to the success of our revolution and now we’ve enough food for all. we’ve enough clothing and better shelter too. All this can be possible, only because of science. Radios, television, and cinemas that entertain us are the products of science. So as a standard man must conclude that science is boon to mankind.

There is another side of the coin too, where such gave science which gave birth to destructive weapons like guns, rifles,  rockets, atom bombs, hydrogen bombs, etc. It’s the science that has electric power and nuclear energy, hydroelectric power but atomic energy isn’t used for peaceful purposes, like Hiroshima and Nagasaki which happened as a result of science, it’s the bane of humanity.

Leaving that apart, another creation of science is that the pollution of the environment. Industrialization with the help of science has polluted air, food, and every one of the atmosphere. The ozonosphere is giving threatening signals. so here is the case for a person to contemplate science as a bane.

A human could be a rational being. to safeguard themselves against all odds. that’s how he was able to conquer and control all the creatures within the world. So allow us to believe that his wisdom will prevail and he would conclude for the well-being of his kind on this planet.

When the universe reveals more secrets to humans by means of science, there’s hope that this man will become a superman and eventually science would be only a boon and not a bane of his life. Science without conscience is that the death of the soul.

Liberty to the modern world

Liberty, another word for freedom is a necessary concomitant for development and growth. However, just to urge liberty isn’t enough, how we use it lies at the essence of accomplishment by liberty.

In the times, plenty of freedom is given to all or any and varied. Liberty to women, to children, to workers, to lower classes, and then on and then forth. However, as things stand today, wherever we glance it’s being amply misused.

The modern world is correct when it says and thinks that, there is no growth without liberty. most so good but, after we consider liberty we don’t seem to appreciate that, complete liberty should run only to a highly sophisticated, highly disciplined, and highly educated, and responsible class of individuals. this can be because if we give liberty to the lesser class that doesn’t know the correct use of the gift, it’ll all told probability to be misused. even as a monkey handling a rail a razor is probably going to chop his cheek while a person knows a way to use it correctly to his advantage without harming himself. In the same way, liberty is additionally a thing that needs delicate and complex handling for it to be really useful. Liberty must thereby find an area only within the hands of the few educated and well-meaning people.

However, this is often not true a minimum of in India, liberty has been granted as a present from the gods to all or any and varied and also the result’s for all people to determine. Wherever liberty is being given it’s being misused by one and everyone. this can be because when liberty is within the hands of individuals like those, common in India, dishonest and undisciplined, it’s absolute to bring disaster. to know the validity of the statement that, liberty must be only we are disciplined and know-how and the way far to use this gift. to work out how far our liberty is misused we are going to take few examples from our day-to-day lives, right from aasifa to nirbhaya girls cases, we all know that their liberty is being misused within the nowadays, finally it ended up with a disaster. the house and also the society are the 2 main spheres where all folks individuals have interest..similarly, at the amount of society everyone wishing to try to what and the way he/she wants, leaves the social fabric with none cohesion and civic boundaries. once we mouth liberty we must make sure that it must come only after a decent education, and discipline for ease, liberty within the hands of the uneducated and uncouth becomes a harbinger of greater and greater indiscipline, resulting in disaster. this is often exactly what’s happening in India. Every individual has the freedom to try to, to say, and behave as he/she wants and therefore the resulting chaos is for us all to suffer. Liberty may be a gift meant for those who know the way far to require freedom and when to prevent using it and, especially a way to use their liberty.

Why education?

A man without education is considered to be an animal, says in Sanskrit. But hundreds and thousands of men and women in developing and underdeveloped countries are still illiterate. They are also living, eating, sleeping, and leading their normal lives. Then “why education” is the question.

To understand the question, one should know the real value and meaning of “education”. The term education is derived from the Latin word “Educate” which means to bring up or bring out. Every man is born with certain inherent talents. These talents are brought out at the right time and place. Then only they shine.

There are two kinds of activities which a man performs, the first thing is to satisfy hunger, thirst, etc., There are certainly other activities that a man performs to satisfy mental desires and social needs. They are to develop reason, imagination, skills, social behavior, moral behavior, curiosity, creativity, adjustment ability, friendship, leadership, working skills, spiritual quest, and finally salvation. The second kind is developed through education. The one who is educated is social, knowledgeable, skillful, and full of confidence.

Education is not only reading about something, writing languages, and learning arithmetic. It has different aims to achieve. The most important ones are, economic, vocational, knowledge, and social.

Economic Bases: A man who is educated should be able to earn his living and should be economically self-sufficient. Education should help the man to achieve this.

Vocational: The second aim is to develop the skill to do a professional job-may be agriculture, carpentry, pottery, or even sophisticated jobs like engineering, teaching, medical practice, etc.

Knowledge: Education helps a man to develop a scientific outlook to learn many things from nature. To be rational in outlook and not to be led away by superstitions and blind beliefs scientific thinking is a must. It is that scientific thinking has helped man to invent electricity, the law of gravity, the law of relativity, laws of motion, etc, and march forward as a scientist and conquer nature. Indispensable and innumerable inventions the scientists have made life more comfortable, worth living, and easy.

Social: Man is gregarious by instinct. He cannot live in isolation. Living in a family and in society is a necessity for him. In order to live peacefully out there in this society, he has to know and keen on certain laws of society. this is possible only through education. Man does not live for worldly comforts alone. He has certain religious and spiritual needs. He can fulfill all his necessities in life by living in this society.

Need for education:

India is a democratic country. Democracy means rules by the people. The majority opinion should be based on scientific reasoning, political maturity, and the welfare of all, if not it will lead to chaos. Every voter should the value of each vote and also their responsibilities and duties towards the state. Therefore the education of every citizen is an inevitable need in a democracy.

Education builds your wealth, it allows you to pursue other ventures but rather find us more peace, which can lead to living a fulfilling life.

Genesis of chronic disease

Due to our lifestyle changes, we are forthcoming with more diseases and disorders. one such syndrome which is nowadays common among all the girls out there is PCOS.

PCOS or PCOD is a polycystic ovarian syndrome i.e. POLYCYSTIC OVARY SYNDROME including some symptoms such as weight gain, acne, excess body hair, and mood swings, depression, and exhaustion. This article is about dealing with the steps to PCOS NATURALLY has an easy-to-understand description of the disorder, its symptoms, its cure including how to manage your health and hormones, lose weight, reduce hair thinning, acne, and hair loss, have more energy, and protect yourself from future DIABETES, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, and HEART PROBLEMS by just changing your diet with the right approach & best new way of looking at PCOS! syndrome.  Take control of your body and beat naturally.

While much of the advice around PCOS is simply to lose weight, but there is a different approach and few key reasons for that, Focusing on losing weight puts you in a restrictive mindset where the goal usually becomes eating only a few calories as possible which ends up with a number of emotional and physiological issues both short and long term.PCOS isn’t controlled by punishing your body through diet. PCOS is best managed by making your body, hormones, and emotional state healthy as possible.  With PCOS, stress can be such a double-edged sword. The feeling of stress elicits the release of the stress hormone, notably cortisol. This can then create a cascade of hormonal imbalances. Chronically elevated cortisol creates sleep disturbances, excess production of adrenal androgens, irregular menses, mood issues, depression, anxiety, blood sugar fluctuations, fatigue, low progesterone, low thyroid.

And for the advice of just stress less”doesn’t do the job, having daily actions to take can be extremely helpful, making your body move is one of the major steps to manage PCOS, and here you go,

  • create a self-care routine, writing journals and end up with a solution.
  • mediate and do breathing exercises a lot
  • Shift over to Meditteranean diet.
  • Get out for 15-45 minutes a walk?
  • take CBD oil to lower anxiety and lower cortisol levels.
  • set boundaries with people- surround with supportive people.
  • Are you able to weight training a few days per week?
  • Are you giving yourself a healthy morning breakfast?
  • Are you hydrating yourself enough?
  • Are you spending 10 minutes each day to unwind with work and connect with the world.

The best way to manage your PCOS lifestyle isn’t to restrict yourself to as many calories as possible to lose weight. It to improve your physical and emotional health and well-being.

So what should we eat, nothing but more vegetables, fruits, and nuts, whole foods ensure that are homemade. Transitioning to a gluten and dairy-free lifestyle can help with mood and hormones. Each and every individual has different health conditions with different weights and heights. there are ways to reverse and heal PCOS.

Don’t let anyone else dictate your life, there are always answers to be found. Now make sure that health is the first priority above all. Chronic fatigue is no joke. It is most definitely not an excuse to be lazy either.

If you are struggling with this today, I got you and you can overcome this.

Positive PRO Person

Realize, that you are not alone who is struggling all day, who is suffocating to survive in this world. There is a way through the darkness. The only thing you need is simple wisdom, which can be relied upon to help. Positivity is not about contentment, which is often a misconception. Acknowledging a range of emotions is healthy. Acceptance is key. It is holding onto what makes you happy.

Whatever the mind can conceive it, can achieve. You can’t change what is happening around you, but you can change your attitude or perception towards the situation. There are lots of people who talk about mindset a lot. there are different kinds of mindset. one is a positive mindset and the other is a negative mindset.

Negative mindset:

With a negative mindset, people are not always open to opportunities. the person mindset is not adaptable to change in opinion or receptive positive ideas and is not open to progressive initiatives. If you have a negative mindset, you will always have the tendency to procrastinate on what you ought to do on time. People with a negative mindset will never have a high level of mental toughness because they have already made up their minds about something.

Positive mindset:

when you have a positive mindset you believe in yourself, that everything is possible. they consistently work towards their goals to achieve. Also, they are mentally strong people.

Also, there is a person being reactive and proactive. Unfortunately, most people don’t take time or effort to think through such emotional responses. such people are considered reactive in their actions as their words and actions are simply reactions to circumstances at hand. Alternatively, individuals who wait for their emotional reactions to subside before speaking, taking action, or making a decision. The mentally tough person will take time to allow their emotions to subside before verbally responding to a negative situation. One of the effective methods for maintaining a proactive mind is counting 1 to 10 can avoid reacting emotionally to any negative interaction. This is one of the methods to succumbing to be proactive rather than reactive. The most thing about being proactive is to learn to say NO. Just as proactive people will take a moment to think through emotional reactions before speaking, so too they will take a moment to consider all of their options before making decisions. proactive is always living up to your expectations. is means that you set the standard for your behavior. Whenever you try to please another person, you will always be reactive to that person’s desires and expectations. Don’t allow other people’s vision of success to define your actions. remain true to your inner voice, beliefs, values, and directions, decide what you want to achieve, and devote yourself to the achievement of those goals. Read more of inspiration men and women, that they have achieved in their lifetimes. See what happened when they listened to other people rather than to their own voices.

Use their lives as lessons for your own life. you don’t need to always go through your life lessons to learn, other people also make great illustrations.

A Eulogium to an Indian actor-SSR

Sushant Singh Rajput was a phenomenal Indian actor. The man who played the main role in the sports biopic movie of honorable Shri. Mahendra Singh Dhoni. From kai po che to MS Dhoni, he left all of us dumbstruck with his performance. Dil bechara was the toughest thing to watch. But, only he after left people realized that he was not just an excellent actor, but a guy who dreamt of stars and watched them from his balcony. It’s been a year since he left us in the big blue hole and the harsh realities of life, the world is starting to forget, but things have not changed when it comes to him, we still adore him the way we used to, listening all his dialogues and songs on low keys. I still read his dreams which he had written in his handwriting and still hoping to make mine true one day.

We hope, he is in a better space right now and away from this world, that this world never deserved some beautiful person like you. It’s not that, he lost the world, the world lost you. It failed to cherish and value his presence and now we all are trying to sympathize with his absence. The void he left as a human can never be filled. But we truly wish that he will get justice, the artist he was at least deserves the truth. He will remembered over years no matter what.

We don’t know what he did, why he did, but we all know is, he was a thing of beauty, a plethora of gutwrenching dreams, of madness, of intellect, of passion, of soul, of the universe, he is everything but ordinary. He never gave up, whether it’s physics, acting, or love.

We hope, he is at peace with a telescope in his hand. Heaven needed a hero, somebody like you. We hope heaven smiled when they witnessed you.  we can’t change the reality, but you inspired millions, and the impact you left behind as a human will always stay.

Nowadays, passion is considered overrated and presence has become underrated. To all the people out there, depressions don’t have any face or language, be kind to even smiling faces.

His loss seems something personal to all of us. To all those who dare to dream big, he is still an inspiration. Especially every small-town guy dares to dream big to achieve his success. His name itself legacy, the legacy of taking care of others. And for that, he will remain forever in our hearts and till we survive here, we will try to encourage the dreams of many and will work to fulfill them, thus making this world kinder, just like he wished. He might leave the world, but his smile has stuck by our side in the toughest times. These names are engraved in the pages of history with golden letters. He is still alive in the hearts of millions of fans.

Sharing one of his writings here,

As long as you were,

I was.

now just in your memories

I come alive

like a shadow.

just a flicker.

Time doesn’t move here.

it’s beautiful.

it’s forever.

– Sushant Singh Rajput.

“If love could be defined, in its purest form” – Never fading love for dogs.

DOGS- why do you think humans like having around them? We teach them to be grateful, present and, without the expectations of tomorrow’s day or something in return. We remind them to get out of their head and go back to their heart.

In this pandemic, to cheer up and smile in this difficult breathtaking storm time. Animals their observation and dealing with them are remedies for lots of humans. In that way, I love the curiosity for dogs. Dogs are fascinating with their daily issues. Their commitment to observation and help for humans is indispensable. They have ingenuity in reaching their destination. Dogs are most adored and admired for their affection towards humans. These creatures are humanizing. Furry dogs belong to the family jackals. Some are wild dogs in the forests living on hunting. The second type is pet dogs living with men in villages, towns, cities. The dog is the most faithful animal. It is said, if you feed a hungry dog, it will never desert you, but if you give food hungry human, he may not do the same.


Dogs are of different kinds and different sizes. There are pet dogs hardly a foot in height and other dogs are three feet in height. Different varieties of dogs live in different countries based on climatic conditions. They are called bulldogs, lap dogs, greyhounds, and Spaniards. All dogs are flesh eaters. They have sharp teeth to tear flesh into bits. Some of them are bushy, have fair skin. Dogs are white, brown, Black, spotted and, of mixed colors. They have small ears. Some have sharp ears and others hanging ears. Dogs can run fast to catch their predators. This helps them in hunting as well as in detecting crime.

Wild dogs hunt in packs. Many join together and look for the prey surrounding it from all directions. They then kill the prey, maybe a rabbit or a small deer and, share the meat. Wild dogs also hunt fish in rivers and lakes. The pet dogs war bread and drink milk, besides cooked food and meat. Pet dogs are very much attached to their masters and wag their tails whenever they are happy. In villages, there are street dogs too, not taken care of by anybody. They eat anything that comes their way.


Dogs are good guards. Dogs are always useful in hunting and they show hunters where the Prey is. Dogs are very useful to detect crime as they can easily show the way the criminals had gone. In cold regions are used to pull carts on ice. A pack of dogs can pull carts on ice very fast. Dogs are good swimmers. There a lot of cases where they have saved drowning children and also those who were buried in ice. Saliva flows out of the mouth of a hungry dog or when it is tried. Dogs do not drink water. They lick the water. A shepherd cannot go without a dog. A dog always protects the sheep. Dogs are used in war also to carry messages from place to place. Trained dogs can do mechanical jobs too. Pet dogs are always to be kept clean and neat. They should be shown regular care or otherwise, they may contrast tabbies from street dogs and spread it. Some of the known popular proverbs of dogs, barking dogs seldom bite, every dog is a lion in its home.


Dogs need a lot of attention and affection from humans, they love always loves to be around and participate in everything that is happening. They don’t have an innate alert to strangers, love all people and the whole world, cannot in an enclosure and, suffer away from a person. The love they give you is indescribable, so true and pure that it fills your life with joy and wholeness. Dogs are the one who wipes your inner frustrations. You know you have someone to return to, to hug, and shed a tear & are sure that your tear would matter a lot to them. In this egotistic and rational world of humans, thank god for sending these selfless lovely creatures to experience love in its truest form.



Mental fortitude

How do deal with tragedy? How to deal with mean and rude people?

The term stoics means, learning to endure all the pains without expressing the feelings, in order to live peacefully in society. We all get a glimpse of motivation when we want to change or it’s the new year beginning to ahead with resolutions fired up and making promises to ourselves.

When you are about to start something new or change, you tell yourself that, you are going to lose weight, maintain fitness, eating all healthy foods, spend less time on social media platforms. There is resistance in many forms, one such dangerous resistance is internal resistance.  That whispers in your ear like, go buy pizza, brownie who needs these all boring healthy meals every night? So, this voice of resistance will always be the constant pain in the ass. There has to something deeper driving within you to answer all the Why you are doing? Ask yourself that how much pain you will bear it?

The two powerful tools are pain and pleasure. you must be willing to do things you have never done before. Make your pain strengthen, when you are about to give up on your work. It makes you wiser. Most of the people are in an unconscious state of chaos. Consequently, people allow all the external forces to control and own their minds and emotions according to it. Then you are not the master of your life. The quotes and opinions of others don’t define who you are and not to worry about it, but your actions decide who you are. To get control of your world, you need to adapt to self-discipline.

Creating a superwoman version of yourself may sound weird but it’s a great way to start getting momentum. At every stage in your life. – from training to work, it is your patience, mental fortitude, and perseverance that make your degrees of the fulfillment of your success greater than any components you can find.
The mental state is something, how we respond to extreme situations? Can you collectively hold your lifestyle while mourning the death of a family member?
Those intense situations test our perseverance and courage. The mental state is like a muscle. It aspires to grow, and be ready to grow. Mental stability is how you stick to the each-day practice. Protect your self-esteem, prepared for anything, the right habits of thinking and attitude for tomorrow will come through training.

Tons of research findings have proven that emotional quotient(EQ) is more important than intelligent quotient(IQ). To develop emotional competency you need to develop a strong mind that does not waver in the face of adversity. Embark your success by knowing your strength and weakness, in the process of polishing all your strength and turns your weakness into wins.

Self-compassion is most needed to understand all your emotions on a deeper level. Understand all your emotional triggers. Emotionally it triggers specific behavior. when you know which situation or circumstances triggers which emotional reactions, you will instantly gain the ability to control.  Be fast to forgive things, when you forgive you will move to closer to the lessons you gained.

Baby steps to perky- healthy life

We are in the 21st century and here we discuss the preliminary steps to our perky healthy life. Do you feel energized, refreshed, and ready to go when you are about to start your daily routine?

Anyhow, we heard that proper nutrition with good healthy dietary food habits with adequate exercise would lead to the route of good health.

What does self-love mean to you?

To me, self-love is choosing to fill my body with healthy food. Healthy foods give positive energy and they lift my whole mood. It’s all about the choices we make, instead of candy go for fruits, as well as butter with avocados.  being kind and gentle with yourself with whatever mistakes you do.  Listening to yourself, what you need, and doing what it takes to nourish and support in every day with your diet, boundaries, etc.  Precisely, allowing yourself to experience and enjoy the amazing pleasures the earth has to offer and always striving to the best version you can be.

Well, everyone wants glowing clear skin, but for some of us, it doesn’t seem to works. Some foods are good for the skin! Nutrition plays a big role in the health of,  your skin. Next to adjusting is drinking a lot of water.  focus on the good fats, such as fatty fish, nuts dark chocolate, avocados, and poached eggs. distinctly, the Intake of more fruits and veggies to your healthy meals can stabilize your hormone level.

our human body is made up of about 75% of water. Water carries oxygen and nutrition to our cells. There is a number of all developed to monitor use health state, like your hydrating level, pedometer, fitness, medication, podcasts to boost up your mind and to replenish your heart. To function properly, your body, every cell of the body needs water.

Just as your body requires food on regular basis, it needs water in sufficient amounts also. Literally, the own fact a person can survive without food for three days, but not without water because it can kill a person.

We should not consume it on other beverages like tea, coffee, drinks. etc. indeed it actually is the consumption of water. Increase your water intake, your body will thank you for it.

So, try to always fill your plate colorful with more fruits, veggies, and nuts once a day,  which surprisingly all the kids get fascinated towards those colorful things that induce them to eat the food, which gives nourishment and also intake of vitamins and nutrients which keep them more fluffy and healthy. Not only for children but people, be conscious of what you intake and also control your cravings for all packaged foods.

It took me years to learn that you need to be in a correct headspace with the correct mindset to deal with the health issues whatever you go through.  A lot of guilt roots from the thoughts that you’re thinking, not with the food. Food is unbiased, it’s what you think about them that makes it either good or bad. Build a healthy life routine and live a healthy lifestyle.

Give love, get more love.

You will never come across this day again, so make every moment count? Is it so? of course.

Life is very unfair at timeslearn to appreciate all the things when they are with you with more gratitude and blessings.

Here we go, about stress!
Stressed is not to be emphasized negatively all the time. The act of being stressed is also good sometimes because it acts as fuel for us to think cautiously about what we go through and enable us to take action on our focus. So “It’s Okay. The path ahead is full of surprises and miracles. So chill out, get set with the tranquilness of curiosity and courage on your pavement.

Let us correlate ourselves to water. See, when something is dropped on waterit makes a ripple effect. It doesn’t know that dropped thing is vibing Positive or negative. So it’s up to us who genuinely want to wisely decide what rather ripple effect, create your conscious mind by feeding your thoughts. Trust whatever say about the good vibe in you, because people lie but energy doesn’t.

Don’t stress about what others might think or about us, live your life and not for the sake of others. Butterflies don’t know how beautiful they are with their fascinating wings. But we human eyes know how beautiful they are. Presumably, you don’t know that how good the way you are, but others tend to regard that. Therefore to everyone, take easy on yourself. I don’t know what happened in your life, but I just want to say that life is once so we tend to go through all sorts of emotions in this one life. Forget betrayers no matter what, how big was hoodwinked you! Everyone deserves haters as much as they are merely loved. So nothing, rise above hate.

It is not always possible to be positive, with the most commonly used phrases, this too shall pass, no worries, and so on. And too much positivity is also imperfection. Well, the point is we all are humans, we tend to have negative feelings, trust issues, pessimism, etc. that have been the result of circumstances and situations you deal with. It is not going to describe you as a person it is a side effect of what you go through. It is not being always positive but the act of being kind in your words, your attitude towards the situation.  

You need not closure or an apology truly you need to understand your self-worth to move on. Peace always comes with understanding. Living in joy and happiness with the moment whatever the circumstances of your life.

Moreover, your thoughts become actionsactions become habits, and habit shapes reality. Our intentions make a reality. Being human is given tend to have empathy and spreading humanity is a choice. 

Finally, Flower never competes with the flower next to it. It just blooms positivity and radiates happiness around. You are the beautiful wildflower, where you can survive even in barren lands. Rejoice, love, and live your life in full bloom.

Life secrets of being productive

We all are kind of stressed during this pandemic lockdown, so guess we all are struggling a lot to being productive in our work, business, or whatever it is. 

Firstly, to be productive you should stop procrastinating all your work. Procrastination is your biggest enemy ever to achieve all your accomplishments.

Is there any difference between ordinary people and extraordinary people?

The thing is extraordinary people do all the work, same as ordinary people but with consistency and discipline.  You have to decide whether procrastination is more significant than all your dreams and goals and works. Aim it high. Stop squandering all your time and scrounge towards being productive.

Instead of hard work, do the right work. Writing is not an art, but the way you present and allures your audience to read with emotions is an art. In this world of copycats, exposing all your own style with uniqueness may be hilarious for one and ridiculous for another. Live your life with purpose. Live and achieve all your everyday goals, that this might be the last day of your life so that you will not regret your dreams.

Once you started working, do your work stress-free by being passionate and also satisfied. Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter you are an early bird or night owl. But ample peace while waking up to the day as well as relaxation and satisfaction while going to sleep.

When you have a pocket full of money, but not ample peace in your mind, it doesn’t worth it of being productive in your life. Real freedom is enjoying in your real-time. If you are procrastinating all your works it leads to stress, at the time, a lazy man cannot enjoy his money but a productive man can enjoy all his necessities. Enjoy the work you do. Align all your tasks and make them correlated to do for a long time. It is also better to take a break once a week and enjoy it because you work all the rest of the days.

God puts humans in this world with lots of hurdles to know well and behave in certain circumstances and we believe different people behave in different ways according to their attitude towards it. Be consistent in your work, have faith, and celebrate all your accomplishments. No one is going to congratulate you. People can join and you don’t need to satisfy the crowd, but with what actually makes you feel good with gratitude and satisfaction.

Once you are productive, you will start to stop all the scrounge useless things.  So always turn all your inspiring stories or person in life into motivation and convert them to practice and reality in your life to achieve your destination.  You get more advice and lessons when you read failure stories, to get success in your life. Don’t expect the results, it might be either winning or losing, both happen. Experience and explore it more, without procrastinating. Go through and grow through your atmosphere to become productive, with every result of the work you do in your life.

Journey of mental health during this covid.

Amid this covid, let’s try to take care of our mental health in this toxic environment by being more sanguine in those circumstances.

what mental health actually looks like?  So, it’s all about the state of well-being,  focuses on your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Cope up with everyday stresses with healthy practices. So with each step you take, you grow stronger.

Like all the people out there, I have also struggled with mental health issues throughout my life. It’s a daily battle, but one I choose to continue to fight every day with slight hope in my heart. Some days are better than others, but I am proud to say that these days I win more battles than I lose.

The thing which puts my mind at ease, like take a moment and smell the flowers, do the things that make your soul so refreshing, whether it’s smelling the flowers or taking 15 mins of quiet time or going for a walk or leisure time with your pets or call your friends. Mental health was given more importance in our society. Remember to give importance to what makes you smile and happy for real.

mental health

Whether you want to change your lifestyle, maintain fitness, or get rid of things that affect your mental health. Perhaps,  the thing is knowing what you want and putting it out into the universe is a good step into the world of manifesting. You have also had to be proactive with what you want. you can’t wish for something to happen and expect it to happen. You have to put into the work and do whatever it takes to receive your goals for what you want. Change can be so scary and nerve-wracking but when you focus on what’s best for you and your mental health at end of the day it will be worth it.

Get past any negativity towards yourself and combat it with love. You have the power to cultivate an ideal relationship, there’s no reason why you can’t have what you desire and deserve. you get one life, make it count, and do whatever it takes to get what you want. Fall in love, take the risk, live every moment to the fullest, and thrive.

The journey of our life is meant to be fun with lots of explorations and experiences. No matter how you travel your path but carry over the bunch of happiness that holds serene within you and let down all baggage that holds distress, negativities. Just dumb and throw all sort of baggage that affects you. It’s okay. The path ahead is full of miracles. Go ahead with your tranquilness of curiosity and courage on your paving.

 Do you know a secret about, how to grow in life?

Yes, the safest place to grow is to welcome criticism and grow from there.  just power up your limits and thrive for something new and it gives you a light-hearted pleasure, once you reach out.

So huge strength and love to all the people who are going through all such lows in life.  It’s okay to be who you want to be in this world full of preconceived notions and unrealistic beauty standards. We tend to cross over all of those resentful circumstances in our lives. Take easy on yourself.  Balance all your emotions with heart and mind.