PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. You might heard people saying it. It has become common among women these days. For every 5 women 1 woman is a PCOS fighter.


PCOS is a lifestyle disorder thus happens when your body is abused by your own self. Some of the ways are:

•weight gain


•disturbed sleep cycle

•not taking food on time

• unhealthy food intake


Although Doctors give the medications and pills to reset your periodic cycle,it is still advisable to not be solely dependent on chemicals as they tend to have lifelong effects on your body.

Instead go for the long and tough route that is do exercise regularly, have enough sleep and maintain the cycle, eat healthy and eat whole meal foods , have cow ghee everyday a a bit .

If done properly and if the body is taken good care of without medications you will have your periodic cycle regulated .

Genesis of chronic disease

Due to our lifestyle changes, we are forthcoming with more diseases and disorders. one such syndrome which is nowadays common among all the girls out there is PCOS.

PCOS or PCOD is a polycystic ovarian syndrome i.e. POLYCYSTIC OVARY SYNDROME including some symptoms such as weight gain, acne, excess body hair, and mood swings, depression, and exhaustion. This article is about dealing with the steps to PCOS NATURALLY has an easy-to-understand description of the disorder, its symptoms, its cure including how to manage your health and hormones, lose weight, reduce hair thinning, acne, and hair loss, have more energy, and protect yourself from future DIABETES, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, and HEART PROBLEMS by just changing your diet with the right approach & best new way of looking at PCOS! syndrome.  Take control of your body and beat naturally.

While much of the advice around PCOS is simply to lose weight, but there is a different approach and few key reasons for that, Focusing on losing weight puts you in a restrictive mindset where the goal usually becomes eating only a few calories as possible which ends up with a number of emotional and physiological issues both short and long term.PCOS isn’t controlled by punishing your body through diet. PCOS is best managed by making your body, hormones, and emotional state healthy as possible.  With PCOS, stress can be such a double-edged sword. The feeling of stress elicits the release of the stress hormone, notably cortisol. This can then create a cascade of hormonal imbalances. Chronically elevated cortisol creates sleep disturbances, excess production of adrenal androgens, irregular menses, mood issues, depression, anxiety, blood sugar fluctuations, fatigue, low progesterone, low thyroid.

And for the advice of just stress less”doesn’t do the job, having daily actions to take can be extremely helpful, making your body move is one of the major steps to manage PCOS, and here you go,

  • create a self-care routine, writing journals and end up with a solution.
  • mediate and do breathing exercises a lot
  • Shift over to Meditteranean diet.
  • Get out for 15-45 minutes a walk?
  • take CBD oil to lower anxiety and lower cortisol levels.
  • set boundaries with people- surround with supportive people.
  • Are you able to weight training a few days per week?
  • Are you giving yourself a healthy morning breakfast?
  • Are you hydrating yourself enough?
  • Are you spending 10 minutes each day to unwind with work and connect with the world.

The best way to manage your PCOS lifestyle isn’t to restrict yourself to as many calories as possible to lose weight. It to improve your physical and emotional health and well-being.

So what should we eat, nothing but more vegetables, fruits, and nuts, whole foods ensure that are homemade. Transitioning to a gluten and dairy-free lifestyle can help with mood and hormones. Each and every individual has different health conditions with different weights and heights. there are ways to reverse and heal PCOS.

Don’t let anyone else dictate your life, there are always answers to be found. Now make sure that health is the first priority above all. Chronic fatigue is no joke. It is most definitely not an excuse to be lazy either.

If you are struggling with this today, I got you and you can overcome this.