Growth of women

Women are said to be frail naturally. She is shorter and delicate compared to the strongly built man. But man forgets that a woman was created to play a selected role in nature which no one cannot that’s, the role of mother. In intelligence both are equal. a person is aggressive and emotional. A woman is patient, calm, and receptive. She will bear more pain and has more tolerance than a person in both physical and psychological states. She is strong in conviction and perseverance. Yet women everywhere the globe are playing a huge role in life.

The position in India is so different. Women were glorified in epics and Puranas, for his or her service to their men. Serving a father first, secondly a husband, and later serving her children and grandchildren had been her lot. Puranas mention the names of Sita, Savitri which glorify them for their devoted service to their husbands. After independence, the constitution of India gave all equal rights to men and ladies in every aspect of our life. Comparatively, today plenty of things have changed over after decades in this modern technological science world and there are people in some rural areas, cannot say that everyone woman in India enjoys equal rights with men altogether matters, There prevails many reasons for this, the customs and traditions prevalent for hundreds of years, the high percentage of illiteracy among women, Ignorance of their rights, Patriarchal society, national economy, acceptance of the speculation of karma or fatalism, unchecked male domination all told walks of life.

Despite these problems mentioned above, one could see that the condition of Indian women over after decades has improved a lot. Now all the ladies and ladies are given sufficient education and knowledge within the society. Even working, there are still special reservations indeed talent with hardworking people are is hired. We can see women flying in colors all together in their specific fields and clerical jobs, like I.A.S., I.P.S., and Indian Air force. There are reservations in legislatures also. There are women within the sports of the chief minister, prime minister. It is an exception because the womenfolk, particularly within the rural areas, are yet to return from their bondage. Every year, March 8th is well known for the international day for women, in making them encouraged and praised for them there on that fine day. The ladies were conscious of their status and place in society. There are many movements in our country, likewise as in other countries the advancement for women. As far as India is anxious, it’s already agreed to treat women as equal with men altogether respects. the proper way, in today’s world both men and ladies are equally treated and similarly as more awareness and education about women are profound everywhere the people., regardless of the difference now exists, hoped to sure vanish within the coming decades where women also get an education and liberate themselves from superstitions and irrational traditions.

A man and woman are like two wheels of a cart. The cart can move fast and safely, as both the men and women were supposed to pull all their equal shares of burdens and elating moments within the same direction and with equal strength and support. Hence, no developing country or society can afford to ignore the role of women if they’re to progress.