Olympic games

International Olympics Day is observed on June 23 per annum to celebrate sports and health. The day aims at promoting sports and spreads the message of constructing sports as a vital part of life. The creation of the modern-day Olympic Games is inspired by the traditional Olympic Games held in Olympia, Greece. In 1894, the 8th century BC to the 4th century AD, Baron Pierre de Coubertin founded the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and laid the inspiration for the Olympic Games. Olympic games have a history of about twenty hundred years. There were first played near mount Olympus in Greece in 778 B.C. in honor of the Greek god Zeus. The Olympic Games were revived in 1894 by the effort of a French nobleman, Pierre-de-Coubertin. Olympics were held in (Greece) in 1894. From then onwards the modern Olympic games are being held once every four years. There was a break, however, during the period of world war-1 and world war-2. The 20th Olympics were held in 1972 in Germany. Later Olympics were held in Montreal, Moscow, Los angles, Seoul and Barcelona. The 1996 Olympics were held in Atlanta. The  2000 Olympics had held in Sydney, Australia. In 1947, Doctor Gruss, a world Olympic member in Czechoslovakia, presented a report within the 41st Session of the International Olympic Committee in Stockholm and proposed to look at every day to celebrate Olympic Day. One year later in 1948, the organizing committee finally decided on June 23 because of the International Olympic Day to honor the International Olympic Committee’s foundation at the Sorbonne, Paris. The first Olympic Day was celebrated within the year 1948. The day was proposed to push the Olympic idea and encourage more and more participation within the games.
World Olympic Day of 2021: What is the Significance & Theme of that day?
The day is well known to encourage more people to participate in the Olympic Games and spread awareness about the event and promote the Olympic Movement. The main concept is to move, learn and discover concerning no age, sports background, or sporting ability. In some countries, the event is incorporated into the varsity curriculum, while many NOCs have included concerts and exhibitions as an element of the Olympic day in recent years. Recent NOC activities also included meetings for youngsters and kids with top athletes making it easier for people to become a part of Olympic Day. The theme for this year is to remain healthy, stay strong, stay active with the OlympicDay workout on 23 June.

Olympic games attract all the athletes from different parts of the countries, all over the world. It shows the symbol of international friendship and brotherhood. The Olympic symbol consists of 5 rings or circles linked together. The five rings represent five different continents –Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. The linking represents unity. The five rings are of different colors. They are blue, yellow, black, green, and red. The torch is first lit at Olympus in Greece and then taken to the place of meeting by relay runners.

In modern times, the winners are awarded medals and certificates with recognition for those who won first, are awarded gold medals. Those who second and third are awarded silver medals and bronze medals. Competitions are held generally in the following games and sports:

(1)Archery, (2) athletics, (3) badminton, (4) baseball, (5) basketball, (6) boxing (7) canoeing, (8) cycling(9) equestrian sports, (10) fencing, (11) football, (12) gymnastics, (13) handball,  (14) hockey, (15) judo, (16) modern pentathlon, (17) rowing, (18) shooting, (19) swimming, (20) table tennis, (21) tennis, (22) volleyball, (23) weightlifting, (24) wrestling and yachting.