Procrastination is really a monster. The idea of having leisure in the current moment overrides the thought of completing the actual task. There are many reasons for procrastination. Maybe we have a more important task to do, or we are just tired. But let us accept it, we are most of the time lazy to do the work.

The funny part is when someone chastises us, we get angry when it is our job to do the said work. Students especially procrastinate so much, with homework, studying, completing the project. That is the root of the habit. Trust me, it feels so good to just watch another episode in Netflix, or just go outside and play instead of sitting inside and studying.

There are many of us who watches on how to avoid procrastinating while actually procrastinating. Being an adult doesn’t make procrastinating a small thing. It can lead to some grave results. So they don’t tend to procrastinate much. It is always the students who face the results of their errors in the hard way.

There are many ways in which procrastination can be avoided. I know the tips on the internet about the to-do list, the Pomodoro method of studying works but do we actually follow it sincerely? At the end of the day, it is our will power that helps us go through the tasks for the day. Sometimes we think of doing something, but since the situation is not helpful, we tell ourselves we would do it later, but we forget it.

The solution for this can be having a handy notebook in our person. Whatever task it is can be noted down in the notebook, so when we are free and have time, we can remember it and do it. I know it is not possible to carry a notebook always, so use the notes app in your phone. Create a list that you can cut off after you complete the work. The satisfaction of crossing off the list will motivate enough for us to do more work.

But that us until we find loopholes like writing down tasks like getting up, brushing teeth, and eating in the list just for the sake of crossing it out. Be true to yourself. If you are not really the type of person who writes things down constantly, write a list for yourself in the morning, just one time in the day and stick it the place where you would look constantly. Maybe it is your homework you have to submit by the end of the week, and it is only Monday. Seeing the task constantly will push you to do it and be free for the rest of the week.

During exams there would be many distractions to keep us from studying, but it is really who give in to those temptations. We need to prioritize what is for our good, instead of what makes and feels us good. Remember, the roots of education may be bitter, but the fruits are sweet. So stop procrastinating and start working!


  1. “Whatever task it is can be noted down in the notebook, so when we are free and have time, we can remember it and do it.”, Hahaha when I am procrastinating, I am convinced I don’t have time. Lol, I am willing to even fight with anyone who suggests I do. I like your suggestions, I look forward to the satisfaction of crossing things off my lists.


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