Journey to Optometry: Rakesh Kumar Yadav

You must have your own role model and follow them. You may have got inspiration from big names and personality like Bill Gates, Einstein, Mark Zuckerberg and many more. Why do we need to go that far for the inspiration? You have so many inspirational people around you. Sometimes we need to appreciate success of nearby people.

In this article, I would discuss the journey of an optometrist who never wanted to become a doctor.

Early life

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Yadav born and brought up in Nepal had all the makings of a virtuoso since he was a youngster, and he was continually attracted to concentrating new things. He was a member of Cricket crews at the Apollo Om HSEB school. Dr. Rakesh Kumar Yadav, on the other hand, was naturally driven to athletics as he was very good player during his school and police officer since he wanted to eradicate drug and crimes, and appreciate the gratification that comes from serving people. But due to some reason he enrolled in Christian college Bangalore for Bsc. optometry.

Optometry Story

In the initial days of his college, it was so difficult for him to adjust in Bangalore that he wanted to run away from there. He couldn’t even concentrate on his study. The result was he failed his 1st semester. That was the time when he thought he should return home. By that time his teacher and friends were with him. Lately he built his self confidence. He even started giving time for his passion ie. playing cricket. Finally he was on the roll. He worked hard and passed upto 4th semester. Then he became overconfident about his study and started bunking classes in 5th semester. Due to this, he was restricted to give exam. It was the worst phase of his life. He worked hard even more and passed 5th and 6th semester.

He started internship in Narayana Netralaya where he got close with his senior doctors and optometrist. He developed his professional aptitude, strengthen personal character.

Now he works in Nepal. He runs his own clinic.

His struggle shows how our overconfidence demean us and leads us towards darkness. There is always morning after the night. Work hard and never let your life be controlled by anyone.