Supremacy of English

In India, English is considered to be the language which gives your intelligence a justification. People should learn the language because of their interest, not because the verification you get from the society. The language is accepted world wide and have become very popular. The mother language of India is Hindi. It is a matter of great pride and honor of having our mother tongue language as in Hindi. Due to the influence of international culture, People of India tries to adapt their way of lifestyle. The languages are made to make the communication easier in between different people. It creates a connection and makes communication smoother.

Supremacy of English is reaching to its peak. People judge others from the accent they talk in, whether they do any grammatical mistake while speaking or they are fluent in speaking the language or not. The parameters to judge any individual on the basis of any language is not appropriate. Their Intelligence Quotient (IQ) level depends upon their brain and memory power. Society has set some of their own rules which are not accepted by everyone in it. It will be hard to remove the hypocrisy of the society. It is your personal life; you can decide whether you want to learn the language or not. Life will take lots of up and down but the flow should never break it.