Career strategy

Career strategy is an organized way of developing capabilities, skills, understanding tools and their usage to achieve a desirable position or role in your career. It could be done on a personal level, and many organizations also do it for their employees. Following the few essential tips below can ensure that you get to the place you want to see yourself in the next five or ten years.

Tips to Have an Effective Career Strategy

  1. Focus:Being focused is very vital while devising a career strategy. It should not be a like a New Year resolution that is being followed for a couple of days. Additionally, all individuals have a varied interest and it is quite important to know where your heart is. For example, if you are planning to switch your career from an IT industry and moving into the creative field, even the specific creative field needs to be cleared defined.
  2. Know Your Past:Life experiences teach you more than any classroom could have done it for you. So sit down and look back at when you excelled in your performance and when you were the worst. What were the factors and influences at that time? Remembering your past has two advantages – first you could never forget your mistakes and never repeat them, and second you would always remember your well-wishers.
  3. Devise a Plan with a Strategy:You need a strategy to attack, and it should be unique enough to attract a group of people. For example, you thought about being a PRO trader in next five years and started reading all related material. However, a strategic move could be joining community of like minded people. Discussing your knowledge and ideas with these set of people would help you gain direct knowledge.Additionally, networking helps you build your contacts and crossing your comfort zone.
  4. Value your Ethics:When you know your work ethics matches the organization you are about to join, you would feel more motivated and challenged. Therefore, it is essential to know your ethics and value them.