Causes of stress

What Causes Stress in the Workplace?

Stress points certainly vary among industries and different roles, but many overlap. These can include:


A bad economy or a company experiencing a budget crunch leads to downsizing. Every worker, whether hourly or salaried, experience stress from the fear of losing their job, particularly if they see others around them getting the pink slip.

Increased work loads

When there are layoffs, other workers are required to pick up the extra load. This is both physically and mentally exhausting. Salaried workers may find themselves putting in longer hours to get their work done without the benefit of overtime, and hourly workers may be forced to work harder to get the job done in the same amount of time. Either way, it’s stressful.

Pressure to perform

A workplace that fixates heavily on measuring performance and productivity might not realize that those things are putting stress on workers.

Longer work hours.