Foreign Trade and International Trades

What is foreign trade and international trade


Trade itself is confused with foreign trade in its origin, since from the beginning of time, one community when negotiating with the other, were already practicing this trade, initially exchanging goods for merchandise, and then, by finding a commodity as standard (the salt, for example), began to use it as currency until we got to the paper money.

Commercial activity can be internal (within the country) or international (between countries). International trade is a branch of the commercial sciences that make up the Political Economy.

International Trade

It is the set of studies and commercial operations between two or more countries where there is exchange of goods, services and/or capital.

Foreign Trade

It is the set of studies and commercial operations expressed in national rules, norms and laws.

Foreign Trade is executed by the State or Government and International Trade is exercised by companies and/or individuals and/or institutions. Therefore, when we study the Foreign Trade of a country, we are studying its rules, norms, laws and its commercial policy. And when we speak of International Trade, we are referring to exports and imports of goods, services and capital.


It is the output of a commodity and/or service from a customs territory, generating a currency inflow (currency).


It is the entry of a commodity and/or service into a customs territory, generating an outflow of currency (currency).