Why having an organized desk is the best?

I know everyone has a different work style. Some people like their desks clean whereas, some others like their desks messy. But what if I tell you that having an organized desk makes you more efficient, productive, motivated and consistent. 

Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, E.B White, Craig Newmark and much more eminent personalities had organized desks. And some way or the other their organized desks help them to achieve whatever they achieved in life.

Having an organized desk has its advantages-

  1. Those who have an organized desk tend to be more focused than the ones who have a cluttered desk.
  2. People having cluttered desks are more prone to get sick because of the lack of cleaning of the desk.
  3. A study showed having a clean desk decreases the urge to leave the desk and take a break.
  4. Consistency and Productivity are seen to increase in people who changed their cluttered desks to organized desks.
  5. Also, people having organized desks make you sleep faster at night.

Adding on you will not misplace your things frequently if you have an organised desk.

How to make your desk organised?

  1. Place a Junk box, this will help you segregate unwanted things from the important stuff.
  2. Place boxes or storage units to store your stationery, notebooks and other essential things in a designated box.
  3. Place a pen stand to keep your pens, sketch pens, highlighters in one place.
  4. Place a table clock on the desk it will help you to keep track of the time.
  5. Also do not keep everything on your desk, your desk is not a storage unit keep only the necessary things on the worktop.
  6. Clean your desk daily.

A clean workspace will surely help you to be more productive, consistent, focused and disciplined.