Relationship Goals (Ft. Animals)

Macaroni Penguins

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Gifting flowers is so cliché. Look at these Macaroni penguins gifting their partners stones and sticks as a sign of love. Isn’t that a real love language? The majority of the Macaroni penguins are monogamous which means they breed with each other for the rest of their lives.

Bald Eagles

These Bald Eagles are another such creature who mates for life.
The Bald Eagle couple devotes a lot of time to built their nest as strong they can. The National Audubon Society says that a strong nest built by these eagles showcases their strong relationship bond.


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They are one of the most loyal animals. They never stray from their family or partner ever. They are loyal to each other even when the bad times.

Prairie Voles

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These cute little creatures have high levels of oxytocin. The Prairie Vole couple loves to make their nest together, raise their children together and mate throughout their life.


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These water living creatures are another example of animals who mate throughout their lives. Another interesting fact about seahorses is that in this monogamous relationship the male is the one who gives birth and has a brood pouch to hold their babies.


Beavers relationship rule states “until death do us part”. These creatures mate throughout their lives and seek new partners if and only their partner dies.


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These monkey-like animals choose their partner and stay with them forever. They raise their kids together and the kids stay with their parents until they are adults after that they leave their parents in search of their partners.

Isn’t it amazing how these animals set relationship goals for us humans 🙂