“Wake up sid” and its relevance after almost 12 years

I just watched a movie “Wake up Sid” starring Ranbir Kapoor and Konkana Sen Sharma directed by Ayan Mukherjee and I can still say this that this movie still gives me all those feels that it gave me 12 years back as a teenager. This movie taught some life changing lessons that its still so relevant:

1. It’s necessary to break your shells and come out of your comfort zone

“Tumhe kabhi laga hai ki apna ghar ho, apna khana khud banao, apne paise khud kamao aur udao, Sab kuchh apna banaya hua ho? Independence, you know what I mean?” 
It’s very necessary in life to realise the importance of independence, and make oneself capable of earning one’s own bread. Aisha emphasises the value of self reliance, and personal growth. 

2.Being fearless is the only way in life, to make your dreams come true

“Tumhe nahi pata kitna darr lagta hai but you know what, sab theek ho jaega. Bombay aana mera sapna tha. Aur ab yahan hoon toh darr nahi sakti. Itna kuchh karna hai yahan ki darr ke jaye koi jagah hi nahi hogi”
When Aisha opened up about being scared everyday, but taking this as a challenge to pursue her dream, she gave us a major reality check about life. She inspires one to be brave and take chances.

3.Live in the moment, make memories everyday

“Who cares ki kal kya hoga… As long as we have some fun tonight!”
As millennials go with the quote, ‘you only live once’, Sid made sure to do justice to the saying, with his carefree character. Sometimes, it’s okay to escape and find happiness and pleasures under the multicoloured lights, late night drives with the best of your friends.

4. Embrace the little things and moments in life, while making them countable

“Yeh bhi toh party hain…tum, main our doh cup chai”
Making a layered cake with bread loafs, loaded with jam in ten minutes and stargazing with the city skylines inspires us to embrace the simple pleasures in life. Aisha and Sid touched our hearts in these moments. 

5. Failure doesn’t hold the power to define you

Main apne dad ke bagair kya hoon? Meri khud ki pehchan kya hai…Mujhe nahi pata mujhe naukri karni hai. Main janta hoon mujhe kuchh nahi aata, pata nahi mujhe kaun naukri dega. Par ab mujhe kaam karna hai bas”
Being lost can help pave one’s road of success. Sid loved his passion so much, that he believed to take it responsibly and make it a profession. He encourages one to realise and embrace your inner calling. He inspires one to create a unique identity about oneself. 

6Grab every opportunity that is capable of reflecting your potential

“Tere liye, Nayi hai zameen naya aasmaan, Likh de hawaaon mein koi nayi dastaan..” 
These heart warming lyrics from the song ‘Aaj Kal Zindagi’ allowed us to have a moment with ourselves while Sid takes the internship opportunity to start working. Watching Sid from being a spoilt brat to becoming a responsible adult was surely captivating enough to motivate us.

7. Family is the strongest support system and should be your first love

“Bas aapse milna tha, I miss you mom” 
“Tumhare friend’s ke tarah agar main bhi English main baat karungi, toh kya pata hum bhi friends ban jaye…Siddy, Tumhara khaana wagera sab theek hain naa ?”

No matter wherever you go, whatever you follow with a good note, your parents will always support you. Your parents have unconditional love for you and would accept you no matter what. They deserve to be loved and respected equally.

8. Some friendships are capable of surviving storms as they are meant to be forever

“Yaar haan, mujhe hona chaiye tha yaar dilaane ke liye…sorry”
True friends will always support you and pray for you even on bad terms. Sid rekindling his friendship with Rishi eventually brought a smile on our faces, and allowed us to reflect our bonds with our friends. 

9.It’s okay to enjoy the simple things in life, if they are comforting and make you safe

“Puraani Hindi film songs….at least unhe aasaani se gaa toh sakte hain…Maine socha tha ki…main bhi Jazz enjoy Karne lagungi, par actually mujhe Jazz pasand hi nahi hain….It’s just not me”

It’s not necessary to fit in to make yourself feel accepted. Things which comfort you will always find your way towards you to give yourself a unique identity about yourself. Ayesha teaches one to hold on and accept things which can make you feel home.

10. Separation hurts, but don’t let that emotion be a burden on someone else

“Itni jaldi chale jaoge…pata nahi main kyun upset hori hoon…kyun nahi rahe sakte yaha Sid…itna bada faisla liya aur mujhse baat bhi nahi ki, socha takk nahi ki mujhe kaisa lagega”
It’s okay to acknowledge your feelings, but sometimes words cut through real deep. Ayesha was right at her point, and so was Sid. There was a lack of understanding between the two, but soon they rekindled their bond. Separation happens for the good, and needs to be embraced with ease. 

11. Love isn’t always perfect, but will always be pure when found in the right person

“Goals paane ki khushi tabhi mehsoos hoti hai … Jab usse kisi ke saath share kar sako”
Love that makes you grow as a person is empowering. While Ayesha learns to address her feelings, she realises that she has fallen in love with the friendship she shared with Sid. Both allowed each other to grow individually and that helped them perceive their goals and feel respected for what they truly are.