Higher education is becoming difficult as the time passes ,it’s difficult for everyone poor people suffers from money whereas some rich people suffers from lack of interest but both of them might suffers from peer pressure , society pressure and status pressure . Our country is developing and it has maximum youngsters which lead to competition among citizens for jobs .More talent more degrees more will be the chances to be on the front row of competition . Our country has very talented youngsters but some didn’t get platform or some didn’t get support . This issue should be solved by our government our country is young and cheerful if they get proper harvesting then it is good for our country . For ex , every year almost 15 lakh students give the entrance exam neet for mbbs but only 1 lakh got selected , India needs doctor and there are plenty of student interested in it but due to lack of colleges they even didn’t got a chance . So our government should give a thought about this . As dream is for everyone and everyone has right to achieve it .