Is Dowry more important than someone’s life?

There are two categories of “male for sale ” first is the traditional one.. men whose parents straight away demand money n things,, give list of gifts they want n money to be distributed to relatives……..(anyways i compare such relatives of boy to nachaniyas who are taking money from girls father to dance. please stop saying they dance for their nephews wedding. But atleast in this category the girls family knows the exact cost n they decide whether they want to buy or not… and if the” product” they are buying the worth the cost or not….and few families happily do it because their daughters are not educated enough to go out n earn n they give one time payment to boy to feed clothe n shelter their daughters for life time plus a prestigious tag of “married” which gives a girl so much respect in society..and i wont forget to mention an annual maintenance charge when they give expensive gifts to girls family on their birthdays anniversaries, festivals, pregnancy of girl, childbirth..very cunningly there r so many customs which require a girls family to keep shelling out money one way or another….But again i say this particular breed of doolhas (bridegrooms) atleast tells his cost before he is bought under the leash of matrimony.

Second category are most dangerous.they will happily claim “dowry not required” n will be boasting they r well off n dont require anything..but wait….. Are they not sending interests after seeing what girl does, how educated is she n how much she earns…what parents do n what they earn..they assume that due to society showoff practices so common in middle class the family will give them dowry without being asked..n they r not stupid like gigolos who take one time payment for marrying a girl they will be taking monthly payment when they want the girls to give their salaries to them n ultimately have all control on her money…. who cares for a stupid TV fridge AC washing machine car when the trophy girl can buy these things with her four month salary…or even with what she already has in her can even cry about being in debts n ask the girl to clear them up all with her savings…(That’s another story no debts r ever mentioned before ..if a girls family know the guy has debts equal to his five year salary one will marry their girls to them..)so they just tell their salaries n later know that once a girl is bound to them legally n especially if she is satisavitri types who believes that her man is her everything n there is no life beyond marraige..she will be so happy to clear debts. .this is steal deal,,,,getting a girl who cooks cleans plus gives money too!…but the problem starts when the girl is not willing to part with her hard earned money or she cannot take the abusive behaviour of inlaws anymore..its then that the true colors of this breed shows..the seemingly teetotaler turns out to be a monster who will go to any extend to physically n mentally torture a girl, a girl who is intelligent educated n doing well in career will be a sorry picture then..few have guts to file divorce n walk away…better to spend all ur savings on a divorce case n get rid of such person than staying in this relationship n getting tortured everyday n also having no right over your hard earned money so a final piece of advice to parents seeking grooms for their daughters who were not able to find a mate for life on their own..even if u go for arranged marraige especially through matrimonial site, before finalising the wedding please get a detective agency to enquire about the boy…better to spend money now than later getting your battered daughter treated in ICU battling for life after the greedy in-laws poisons her or spending a fortune getting divorce if ur daughter is sane enough to leave the married tag happily..n if u urself endorse dowry n want to show off the party n dowry items atleast buy gigolo of first variety mentioned above, atleast they mention all costs clearly n have better chance of keeping ur daughter happy. but why do that too….either find a man for ur daughter or let her live alone.

Gigolos are not worthy of marraige. Don’t bother about the society….do they come n help when your daughter is beaten up?no do they go n try to covince the boy n his family not to torture the girl? no…are they ready to contribute the amount the greedy boy asks after one month of marraige? no infact the so called relatives n wellwishers will start avoiding u once they know there r matrimonial be mature n take right decisions. girl is burnt alive every 20 minute for dowry n not even one percent of cases of DV go to court. Women is silenced to save grace of family.