Artificial Intelligence Taking Away the Jobs.

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. Artificial intelligent machines are the machines that work according to human programming commands and thereby also use their own intelligence to make decisions at times when needed. AI enabled machines are taught to do particular set of operations by machine learning processes.

Artificial Intelligence in Industries

Nowadays many industries are using AI enabled machines to do various work functions that were done previously by humans. Automated Robots are the best example of AI implemented in Industries. AI enabled Robots can do various operations like, Painting a car in Automobile Industries, Cleaning Robots for floor cleaning, Automated welding robots, etc. are performing various functions at very efficient rate eating up jobs of people.

Artificial Intelligence in Service sector

Chatbots are the best example of AI in service sector. Many telecom service providers, Banking service providers, etc. have started using AI enabled chatbots for getting reviews, complaints, service demand requests, etc. using chatbots inside their apps. Chatbots are eating up the jobs of receptionist who were involved in transferring calls, taking feedback like tasks. Although complete replacement is not done but in future if Chatbots grow more intelligent people are going to loose their jobs.

Artificial Intelligence in IT industries

Artificial Intelligence has also become threat to the community who is behind it’s creation, It won’t affect the skilled programmers but will surely eat up jobs of lazy programmers getting their jobs done by simply pasting things form open source. A recent example of it is GitHub Copilot. These kind of AI powered tools if they get more smarter and efficient have potential to take away jobs of mediocre coders. Besides developers the employees working for testing and support activities are also at a risk of loosing their jobs because of AI.

Other miscellaneous sectors

Many other small scale business and people involved in various activities like driving, selling things on streets, etc. are at risk. Big e-commerce companies are using AI enabled tools to attract large mass of people enabling them to provide products at cheaper rates. Self Driving cars are also becoming threat to their jobs.

Likewise there are many dark sides of AI, but there are also so many bright sides of AI that are making our life easier and happy. The Bright side story will be shared in my upcoming blog !