How to be motivate yourself everyday!!!

” A man who has no imagination has no wings ” said by famous and the best American professional boxer Muhammed Ali. We all live in the world of imagination, we all are the heroes of our own life. Each and everyone has a dream, a dream to become something great. A dream to achieve something very good in life, a dream to be successful.

But you know having a dream is not enough. Dreams are good, it makes you ambitious and thats awesome but what drives you everyday is Motivation. The people who dream big are the most ambitious ones, and the people who have the biggest ambition are the one who give every single ounce of the sweat, pain, tears and everything in the field.

So that’s the thing, the more you are motivated the more you work for your dream. But everytime its not the dream, its the journey. The process that guides you and makes you awake in the whole journey is motivation. Now many of you who are reading this will be bored by reading this. So let’s quickly get to the ways that makes you motivated everyday..

1. Follow yourself

I see many people think that following successful people makes you successful. I agree with this but i disagree as well. It won’t make you successful by copying. People think that if this guy is waking up at 4am and he is successful, then i should also start waking up at 4. You should admire successful people but don’t copy them. Follow yourself, make a schedule that suites you, that you can follow.

2. Healthy apetite and hydration

The more you eat healthy the more you work. As we all know eating plays a keen role in life so one must ensure that we are eating healthy. Avoid eating junk food as much as you can, eat healthy work out at least 5 times a week and drink water. These things help in freshen up and activates brain.

3. Make yourself out of comfort zone

The only thing that separates the people is the execution. The hardworking person is the one who keeps himself out of the comfort zone. Have this mentality to work no matter how much its important, even if its less important still beat it up. Give your best everytime.

4. Spend maximum time in nature

Nature is a very attractive. When you are in a space full of greenery and fresh air it increases your creativity. It enhances the way you think, it motivates you physically as well as mentally. It gives positivity to work hard. It energize you, you can think baeutifully and see the problems with diffrent perspective..

5. Respect your decision