Game review -Ghost of Tsushima


The game Ghost of Tsushima is open world samurai game made by Sucker Punch Productions and was released in 2020 . The sucker punch productions have bought us many wonderful video games series like infamous, sky copper etc

Game setting

This game is set on real life incident in late 13th century Japan on tsushima island as the mongol invasion takes place. In which almost every samurai were killed by the mongols . The invasion of Tsushima wa the first step in capturing mainland Japan. But when the mongols set sail for a the mainland a typhoon came and destroyed their ship thus saving Japan.


In this game player have control over a samurai named Jin Sakai who is the last of his clan and also last of the few remaining samurais.

In this the game the mongol invasion is led by a mongol leader known as khotun khan who claims that he is the grandson of Genghis Khan. In the early part of the game jin realises that the samurai ways won’t work against this new enemy , fighting with honor will only get more and more people be killed by the mongols so jin has to resort to tactics like assassination and poision enemy which were against the samurai code as these tactics had no honor,it was believed that only cowards use these tactics and a samurai doesn’t, that is jin had to break his samurai code and becomes the ghost.

The game is divided in 3 acts , every acts unlocks a certain play area. In order to defeat the mongols jin had to gather allies which help him throughout the game. Throughout the game jin struggles to find his way as the ghost of Tsushima.

World environment

Exploration is one of the main parts of ghost of Tsushima as it rewards you with various items which become essential in the late game, in order to make the game more enjoyable players can learn various mythical abilities which are really fun to use.

Thier are various shrines located across Tsushima which can be found by exploring the map, the shrines also reward you with a certain type of item. One of the things that I liked the most about ghost of Tsushima is that how beautiful this game can be at certain times, players can also composed haiku (poems) which also makes exploration worth it.


During my time playing ghost of Tsushima I did noticed some points where the game could improve but the experience calls for itself. The game also allows players to do various side activities like bamboo cutting , taking a bath in hot springs, pet a fox etc which are very enjoyable. I really enjoyed the main story and the ending concludes the game in the best way possible. If I wad to rate this game I would give this 10/10 score and I think everyone must play this game at least one.