Secret of being and making others happy

Life is a beautiful journey were nothing is certain every day, every hour, every minute and every second is precious. You never know what the next moment brings, so instead of wasting our life in getting wild or being sad, it would be best to enjoy every moment . So how can a person always be happy? Because life has a another name that is problems. This is the general question ,every person has in mind. But if every single person change their perspective of seeing their problems, then there might be a chance of getting a solution. Basically if we see a problem as a problem, then that problem will always be like a problem. It sounds weird right , but if we see the problem as a new adventure of life and start dealing with it like playing a game , then that problem can also be solved and make us happy . So in short you don’t always need a person or reason to be happy ,you just need the guts and belief to create that moment. As I said,”Life is a one time go ,once the time flew away it wont be back”.So live your life to the fullest . Set amazing and adventurous goal ,Don’t just fret over the past, Instead of being greedy, start giving more. Forgive people, forget trash memories and recall happy moments. Give up your best in perfection, Enjoy every simple moments and things. Be practical and socialize, just free your heart from hatred and spend some time with your family. Be your own care taker. Pray and meditate, expect less, whenever you feel low, just take a deep breath and believe in yourself. Embrace simplicity, be humble and kind. Be grateful ,do random acts of kindness. If you think you are not lucky enough to be happy, just visit an orphanage or old age home spend some time there you will eventually feel blessed and happy . The secret of being happy ,is just accepting where you are in life and making others happy.

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