Developing Positive Personal attitude

Every person on this earth wants to be successful in their life, but very few reach that
point as not everyone has what it takes to be successful. It demands some basic
characteristics which separate achievers from others. These characteristics can be
developed over time, if a person has the willpower for it.
Time management is one of the most crucial quality, a person needs in order to keep
up with their goal. It means carefully planning out the tasks to be completed over a
specified time frame. This would include prioritization of certain tasks which may be
more important or urgent, or they may be just the prerequisites for others. As soon as
I wake up everyday, I carefully list down the tasks and activities of the day. It may not
be exact as always some unexpected things pop up, but that can be adjusted so it’s
just a rough estimate for the day. For me, it gives a sense of satisfaction and
completion at the end of the day. And it helps me to keep a track of what I have to do
and what has been done. So, after I finish up all the tasks of the day, it is easier to carry
on an analysis of my efficiency, strengths and weaknesses. There will always be room
for improvement and next day I can add what has been left and deduct what is
“Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is going to determine how
you’re going to live your life” – APJ Abdul Kalam. It is said that attitude is what defines
your next move. Winners don’t do different things, they just do those things in a
different manner. For me, having a positive attitude is like the backbone to my
accomplishments, there are days when life is hard upon us, there are struggles, there
are moments when being cheerful isn’t easy. It is hard to maintain that energy level
and dedication to pursue our goals. But if one has the positive insight into it, an
attitude which says ” yes I can do it”, then things become exponentially easy. For me
the source of inspiration and positivity comes from reading books and novels. Even
some electronic media sources like YouTube and selective entertainment content has
helped me to sail through hardships. It very much depends upon what you grasp in
these things. A positive attitude is not something that can be bought as a package from
some institution or college, it is something we need to develop, and our surroundings,
what we eat, what we watch, what we read affects it a lot. Past experiences may also
create a strong influence on it accordingly