Mobile banking is considered as an important revolution in the banking sector. This led to enhancement in the customer base. Presently most of them possess a mobile phone. So, banking operation is made easy. Like internet banking, the mobile banking does not involve much cost.the important requirement in the mobile banking is the mobile phone with internet connection (wifi is also enough).


  • Anytime banking and anywhere banking are ensured.
  • Banking transactions and other non-banking transportations done by bank are possible through mobile phone.
  • Important functions are permitted under mobile banking.
  • Mobile banking can be done by the customer in the case of possession of mobile phone with internet connectivity.
  • Mobile banking is considered as one of the electronic mode.
  • Customer who performs the functions through mobile banking can be considered as mobile customers.
  • It is easily accessible irrespective of time, place, etc. But the important requirement is internet line should be clear.
  • Mobile banking service can be availed through registration of mobile number and filling up of the application form.


Banking Functions

  1. opening an account.
  2. Checking up on account balances.
  3. Reconciling of balances by comparing cash book and account statement.
  4. Transfer of funds.
  5. Accessing account balances.
  6. To make payment for utility bills such as telephone bills, electricity bills, and other bills.
  7. Requesting for cheque books, demand drafts and other bank instruments.
  8. To apply for loans.
  9. To utilise the fund to procure assets/securities.
  10. To intimate change of address via the online mode.
  11. To countermand payment.
  12. To intimate ATM card loss/stolen.
  13. To get information pertaining to the nearest ATM centre.

Non – banking Functions: Apart from the banking transportations, the non-banking transaction can be also be performed. These are as follows:

  1. To book railway, air tickets and other tickets
  2. To make payment for a credit card due, other taxes, etc.
  3. To register the mobile number for SMS alerts pertaining to any changes in account balances/other aspects.
  4. To makes donations/or to pay for mutual fund (systematic investment plan), or for procuring other financial instruments.
  5. These are some of the non-banking transactions can be performed. Normally most of the bank’s in India offers these services but subject to changes. Few foreign banks may provide extra services which are not available with public sector banks.