Five Reasons Why Internships Are So Important

Nowadays, having a degree isn’t nearly enough for you to land your dream job. Employers are not only interested in knowing what you achieved academically but they also need something extra, outside the field of academics. Doing internships has become a necessity for upping your game to land your dream job by improving your CV. And you can do so by participating in all kinds of extra-curricular activities that you do besides your studies in college and by gaining work experience be it full-time or part-time.

There are many of you out there (I hope I’m not the only one) just like me who are a bit timid or don’t really know how or why do we need to go through the process of doing internships. I myself didn’t really understand as to why we need to do internships and didn’t want to do them anyway, because doing them would mean me talking to people, something I am not very good at.

 But one time I got a call from a very prestigious organization (won’t disclose the name but it was a big deal ✖‿✖). They had selected students through a seminar in our college and I had no idea about it, so when they called me for a phone interview…I.BLEW.IT. and it didn’t really bother me at that time because I wasn’t really wanting to do it, but as time passed and I started to think about my future and career it really hit hard that I wasn’t up to the level of my peers. Just studying won’t get me anywhere. Then I realized it was time to finally let go of my insecurities and start to think about how to better my CV to get to my dream.

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Now let’s get to doing my job (as a part of my internship ¯\_()_/¯) which is to tell y’all why doing internships is so important, fun isn’t it, me telling you to do internships as a part of my own. But this is what makes me perfect for the job as I can put myself in your shoes and you can put yourself in mine and see for yourself that it’s not that difficult once you try.

Let’s start it off with something simple:

To learn new skills: when start doing internships, you will learn new things with every internship that you do because every job is different every jobs requirements are different which makes the environment very competitive as well. As you proceed doing different internships with different requirement you will learn a set of whole new things, which brings me to my next point.

Learning about yourself in a competitive environment: as I mentioned in the previous point that doing internships makes you learn new skills and while learning new skills and working under a competitive environment because there might be people who are already have those skills, this will indeed pressurize you to do your best, honing your skills. This will further help you in understanding yourself better and realize what you are actually good at and what you want to do long term.

Developing problem solving skills: Working under different environments will definitely help improve your problem solving ability. Thinking at your feet is a very good skill to have while on the job as it helps you to tackle problems that you face and that comes though experience. When you have had all kinds experience you become a quick thinker thus making your job easier.

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Getting a taste of real working environment: this point doesn’t really need an explanation it’s self –explanatory. While doing internships you will realize what a real working job feels like. This will be your first step into the world as a working individual.

Helps in social networking: it doesn’t have to do with social networking, it is social + networking….get that? Okay in easier words, when you are on the job you meet new people and socialize with them (something I’m not very good at) which helps you increase your networking; that is how many people you know on the job which might come in handy in the future. So here you have it SOCIAL + NETWORKING

This was me telling you why doing internships is important but if you still want to know more, then it is important to do your research.