Interpersonal Skills-A Way to Success

To open the doors of success,

Get out of the pleasing fake bubble,

And meet the harsh real world.

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There are 3 basic questions that arise in the minds of each individual when thinking about their interpersonal skills:

  • What are interpersonal skills?
  • Why is there a need to absorb these skills?
  • How to identify and improve them?


Interpersonal skills are the skills that a person uses to interact with others. They are also referred as social skills, which helps you to interact , communicate & collaborate with others effectively. Some examples of such skills are:

  • Self confidence
  • Positive attitude
  • Empathy
  • Listening skills
  • Controlling your emotions
  • Communication skills


In today’s world the most important interpersonal skill is the communication skill. For an effective interaction and good relations, we need to posess and polish our communication skills. It is divided into 3 divisions:

  1. Verbal communication– To convey our thoughts and ideas to the other person, it is very important to express them clearly and precisely, either verbally or through written mediums(letters, reports, etc.)
  2. Non-Verbal communication– Not all conversations are verbal, some are also carried by non-verbal components like when we express our opinion by our gestures or body language.
  3. Effective listening– Yes, listening is also a part of communication. Only a good listener can be a good speaker, as to make others understand your viewpoint, you need to first listen theirs.


We often come across various people for different purposes but our relation with them depends on our ability to handle them. The key role, here, is played by our interpersonal skills. As we grow, we possess some of these skills unconsciously while some of these has to be assimilated.

For a successful career we need to have good relations with others. A student having good social skills has many opportunity doors opened and can explore different areas. A person seeking job needs to first pass the interview round(in almost every paid job)where his interpersonal skills are tested. Even in a business, good social relations increases the chances of a longer and successful business.

Not only for our career but social skills are also important for a good personal life. Whether it is our friends, family, relatives or partners, each of them is to be handled with care by using your skills. These skills also enhances your overall personality, boosts your confidence and makes you a better person. Also some people may wonder that such skills are present in every human being by birth but that’s not true, each individual is different and such skills comes with experience. As we grow, we tend to develop them, but to make them useful you need to polish them as well.


By now, you may have identified some of the social skills you have. To identify these skills, the most effective way is to interact with more &more people(known and unknown)as this will help you spot your strengths and weaknesses. After doing so just pick out your strengths and practice them daily and use them to overpower you weakness. In due course of time you will see that your polished strengths have reduced and ultimately removed your weaknesses.

So just focus on your skills, improve them and conquer your dreams….