What’s love?

Easy. Isn’t it? The above question.

but are you sure? That the question is easy. Because for me it’s a very very hard question more than what I should wear at party tonight 🤣 but it’s fact though.

Love for is a transaction. You can turn it on and off, Easy ain’t it. Nope.

People says love is selfless but in my perspective till date, I think love is selfish, full of selfish. People become toxic in love, hurt those who use to once means world to them, accepting rebellious actions. People become south to north for those who they love. A disaster out of box.

its said we should always cherish the love when we get so that we won’t regret not accepting with full arms. It’s true though. Isn’t it? Yeah. Love is hard to get to one who craves the most. A beautiful feeling who should be able to embrace but at this point of human beings action, love is hard to get. Same as searching needle out of thousands pins in a box.

Love for me selfish as said because I love myself the most. I priority my own happiness foremost instead of others because if you won’t be happy you can’t share word of happiness with others or spread love. If you love yourself enough you will eventually bring to love others.

hence, before searching like a bee for honey. Learn to love yourself first and than you can successfully love others and share with others.

sorry for crappy post just wanted to share my opinions.