Why does our race decide where we Place?

It is not a secret, how people were judged back in the day, based on their skin color. How cruel could your minds be to make some feel like they ruined their own life by, discriminating and being extremely hateful about something they cant change? How dare you make your own kind, feel inferior and treat them as untouchables? Saddest part of it all, is that it still happens to this day. We put labels and call words to each other, better than before but we still got a long way to go. When will this all end? Will this cruel cruel world ever, look at Hearts instead of Appearance? Smile’s instead of Status? Will we ever love each other as human beings without divisions of any sort and come together to make this world a better place?


  1. No, Indians do not smell like curry and we don’t travel on horses and donkeys(would’ve been nice to horse ride back and forth on them though)

2. Asians see just fine with their BEAUTIFUL eyes, and there are different types of Asians such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean and no they don’t all look the same.

3.African Americans/Africans/dark skinned people are all beautiful and it is NOT OKAY to label them as criminals and robbers because of their skin color. Black lives matter!

4. NEVER EVER label all Muslims or Brown skinned Hindustani’s /Pakistani’s as “Terrorist’s” for it is completely false and absolutely disrespectful.

Sadly there are many more stereotypes these and many more races/ethnicities face on a Daily basis. It is our time to educate others and together, let us all learn to love each other.

Haven’t we learned better from our mother, than to judge by their color?

We came into this world the same way, all of us! Through our mothers while she was in pain, hoping we would be okay, in this world that was made. We breath the same air, We speak the same words. We participate in activities that are part of Human Nature. We are all the same but unique and we should be united by that factor, yet we are so far away from that destination. The times have changed, and the environment is healthier than it was before, but its still not adequate enough until everyone standing has the Magnificent Mindset that is necessary to bring the immaculate change that is required. We caused this separation amongst ourselves so we have the power to break this barrier. So together let us educate those who have have been/got Lost in Translation.

The shell should’nt be deceiving

This picture itself speaks a million words, but all I want to say be kind to everyone, we are all living beings and we are in no position or power to punish people, make them think poorly of themselves and shut them down for having a unique skin color. We are all beautiful creations of the Universe. You are One of a Kind and you matter.