Education is a critical aspect of one’s life. It boosts your self-confidence, acquires skills and knowledge, and shows your capabilities. Female education continues being a trending topic since many years. There is consistently a notion created that girls are born to do household chores, get married, and look after their families. Is this why women are born? Education is medium to take wise decisions and have great control in life and women have the ability to do so.


Women encounter multiple barriers when they are on a journey of gaining education. The pressure of their families and society restrict them from doing so. 

When women have the ability to look after their families and perform household chores, aren’t they capable enough to educate themselves? Why is there discrimination between men and women in this field? As the Indian Constitution says ALL HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS TO QUALITY EDUCATION, why isn’t no one following it? Our nation is in a development phase in all the fields. No doubt we are gaining our motive, but once give a thought, if women involve in this movement what would the success rate be? Women should have the rights to contribute their ideas, articulate their thoughts to the world.


  • If females are provided with education, the poverty in our nation will gradually decrease.
  • According to UNESCO, if all females in developing countries completed primary education then child mortality would drop by a sixth, saving nearly one million lives annually. 
  • Girls are definitely the future of our nation. Girls who receive an education will undoubtedly make it a priority for their children.
  • By educating women, they can uplift their families, support them financially.
  • Educating females can reduce the chances of child marriage as this can deliver a negative impact on female education.


  •  The awareness of female education should start from rural areas. 
  • Schools should be constructed in villages so that women can feel safe to attend.
  • Security should be provided to women so that they don’t hesitate to come out of their house to attend schools.
  • Stern actions should be initiated for any crime against women.
  • Abortion of female feticide should be banned and if it is practiced, punishment should be given.
  • Beti Bachao Beti Padhao campaigns should frequently be conducted to bring awareness about the importance of education in a woman’s life.

Women shouldn’t hold themselves back assuming what people will think about them. They should do what their heart says. In today’s world, people do believe female education is important. Frequent encouragement is needed to completely stop this act. When women can look after her family, why can’t she look after her nation? Women can inevitably cause a change in society, if she is given a chance. She doesn’t expect much from her family and close ones. She merely wants them to support her decisions and help her achieve success.

 It is important for women to voice out their thoughts, ideas and decisions. They should reveal  to the world that they are capable enough to balance both their personal and professional life. That day is not too far when all the women in this world would be happily attending schools and colleges and gaining abundance of knowledge.