20 Things: A parent should tell their child

As a parent ,dealing with their child becomes difficult sometimes. Tell this to your child everyday to have a strong bond with them.

Good Parenting
Good Parenting
  • I love you unconditionally, even when you fail, quit, or got lost.

Tell this to your child daily. It helps to improve their confidence and self-love.

  • What can I do to support you?

Ask this to help them when they’re in trouble. It helps to improve their problem-solving ability and builds their trust.

  • You are safe.

Yes, tell this to them to make them feel safe.

  • You’re good enough.

Tell this daily to make them feel light and improve their focus on their career.

  • I’m sorry.

Yes, If you did something that hurt them, you should tell them sorry. It helps them to distinguish between right and wrong.

Teach them right
Teach them right
  • I will protect and listen to you.

Protect your child from toxic people and listen to them at times.

  • Dysfunction isn’t an act of love.

Yes, teach them this to learn, to work properly as part to show their love.

  • Why are you hurting, and how can I help you?

If they are hurt, help them to figure out what hurts them and ask if they need help.  

  • Yes, I will read your poetry.

Reading their poetry helps you to know them. 

  • You are not a bother.

Tell them that they are not a bother even when you’re busy.

  • You’re allowed to be a kid.

Yes, allow them to be a kid for some time. They will eventually learn to grow.

  • I am not too busy for you.

Tell them that you’re not busy when it comes to them.

  • Did someone hurt you?

When your child is upset, ask this first to know their situation.

  • You have a choice, and your voice matters.

Tell them that they are part of the family to make a choice and their voice matters. It helps them to make the right decisions.

  • Love Yourself.

Teaching them self-love is the most important as they grow.

Teach them right
Listen to them
  • I may not understand, but I will try.

Try to understand them or support them.

  • Flaws and all, you are beautiful.

Telling this helps them to improve their self-love.

  • I see and accept you.

Yes, Your act should show make them feel this.

  • You are wanted and welcomed.

They need to know this by your actions towards them.

  • Do you need a hug?

Ask it! No, You should give them a hug whenever they need you. It shows that you are there for them always.

It is not only for your child also for your younger self to hear as part of your healing. It helps your relationship strong with your child, they will feel at ease to tell you everything that happened to them.