Life is a gift offered by god which needs to be used in the most efficient way possible. Life revolves around experimenting, experiencing, creating wonderful memories. When you have been given this chance, why should you let it go? Life teaches you many lessons. It helps you cope up with difficulties, face many challenges, enjoy fortunate times. Every morning you wake up with a motto. You plan how your day has to proceed. To do justice to the LIFE offered to you, have aims in life, work hard to achieve them. It’s totally okay to think about yourself. A person shouldn’t be in a dilemma thinking, what if people entitle him/her selfish.

It’s important to have plans in life. When you properly plan, go according to it, strive hard to work on it, and achieve your goal. If you plan what you are going to do in life, where will you be in the forthcoming years, then you have surely fulfilled the purpose of your life.

That is what life is about. We do not get redos, but we do get second chances.

The key feature to focus on is, Does life provide you a second chance? 

By all means, you have all the chances to claim it if you are really worthy enough. That doesn’t refer to you to be carefree at the first go assuming you have a second chance. If you totally have the ability to gain a chance then no one can restrain you from grabbing the opportunity. A person obtaining a second chance bears extra pressure to prove that he/she is worthy of it and has succeeded. Offering a second chance in life isn’t wrong at all. What if that person extremely does great and yields benefits to others? A second chance is often given when a person commits a mistake and has a chance to correct it and prove others wrong who are having a bad impression on him/her.

Let’s consider certain examples to check if a person really deserves a second chance.

In a company, an employee violates the norms of the company or commits some mistakes unknowingly. What is going to happen?

  • FIRST POSSIBILITY:- If the mistakes committed by that person are really big and have brought a great loss to the company, then for sure giving a second chance is impossible. Many kinds of thoughts emerge like-
  1. What if he makes the same mistake again?
  2. Is he/she really worthy to have it?
  • SECOND POSSIBILITY:- If he/she is very hardworking and has yielded outstanding success to the company, then a second chance can be given. What if he brings more glory to the company? Hence, to be on the safer side, offering a second chance isn’t wrong.

If we consider the example of a second chance in friendship, how would it be? 

Imagine a friend lying to his/her friend, may it be anything. How would the other one think? Does he/she feel betrayed? The trust developed, the love for each other is all put at stake. A ray of hope of a second chance can be provided considering how close is that person. If he/she desperately wants to save the friendship, all barriers can be broken. A promise of trust, love, laughter should be rebuilt. Assurance should be offered to state that such a mistake wouldn’t be repeated again. In this world, finding true friendship is rare. Therefore, when you possess it, respect the trust and love built in it.

Life is lead by experimenting. So don’t lose hope if you commit mistakes. Learn from your mistakes, work on them. When life offers you a second chance, grab that opportunity and make the most of it and prove the right choice was made by offering you SECOND CHANCE.