In the modern era, people frequently deny performing certain things that might be either good or bad. Sensible decisions should be carried out as to when a NO should be uttered. A small scope of denial can cause you to pay a hefty price. You assist others presuming that what if you turn them down. But that’s not the case. You love to help others because you love to. Lending a helping hand always can cost you a lot too. Think wisely as to where you want to invest your time. It’s not at all bad to think for yourself.

Never feel ashamed to adamantly deny. If that one word NO is being beneficial to you, then don’t hesitate to do so. It’s impossible to say YES to everything. Prioritize the decisions you make as to whom you have to tell a YES and to whom a NO. This world is filled with greedy people too who wholly want their work to be done. They remember you when they need a favor, else you are like a non-existing creature. People who genuinely care for you and need your help will ask for it, respect it and convey they will always be available for you. Never overlook such people in your life.

It is important to know some things related to denial-

  1. Once a NO is not a NO forever :
  • You deny once doesn’t announce you are denying forever.
  • There might seem to be reasons for your denial. Maybe you are busy with your own work, or are not in a mood to help anyone. 

2. NO need not always be direct :

  • Valid reasons can be voiced out for the reason of your denial.
  • Some people think what if he/she feels bad.
  • Telling a NO may surely not hurt until it is conveyed in a positive way.

3. Happy and Peaceful Environment :

  • When you deny someone, you are reducing the effort and time you are investing there.
  • You have a chance to relax you, not to withstand stress about it.

4. Constant Connection :

  • As said, once a denial doesn’t always mean denial.
  • Continue to establish a connection with that person after you deny.
  • This attitude will surely make the person feel that you don’t have any problem in helping, but the situation makes you do so.
  • It urges him/her to believe that you don’t have any hard feelings for him/her.

5. Devote time yourself :

  • Some people go out of the way to help out others that they don’t give time to themselves.
  • No one is stopping that person from helping others. But the fact to understand is giving importance to you and value you.

Denying for doing something wrong is not at all bad. You should maintain a strong stand and be firm, that the decision that you have taken against the wrong is absolutely correct. Whoever approaches you to change your mind shouldn’t be in a stage to overrule the accurate decisions you have made.

Situations arise where you are being betrayed. The person who did so will try his/her best to prove himself/herself innocent, you should voice out exclaiming a NO, it’s inappropriate. Never be afraid to tell a NO when you aren’t comfortable in doing so. You shouldn’t be forced to do the favor asked. You aren’t hindered at gunpoint to do the favor asked.

In present times, you definitely have a price to pay for everything. It’s left up to you to see where your profit lies. NO can be costly when you do something that you aren’t willing to. You help people when they need you, but are they available to you when you need them the most? Give it a thought.