The rise of online learning during the pandemic

The pandemic has severly affected all the sectors ,and Educational sector was one of them ,but thanks to technology because of that we have an alternative mode of learning.Online or virtual mode of education became asset for the students life in the pandemic situation,but who thought that this online mode of learning would remain with us for such a long duration and still no one knows how long.


Several arguments are associated with e-learning.

• Accessibility, affordability, flexibility, learning pedagogy, life-long learning, and policy are a number of the arguments associated with online pedagogy.

• It is said that online mode of learning is definitely accessible and may even reach to rural and remote areas.

• Flexibility is another interesting aspect of online learning; a learner can schedule or plan their time for completion of courses available online.

•Students can learn anytime and anywhere, thereby developing new skills within the process resulting in life-long learning.

•The government also recognizes the increasing importance of online learning during this dynamic world, as in future online mode of education would be the most helpful and trending part.


• Personal attention is also a huge issue facing online learning,as no one knows who is paying attention during the classes and who is not.

•Sometimes, online content is all theoretical and does not let students practice and learn effectively,which is a huge disadvantage of e-learning.

• A lot of distraction sources are available during the online mode of teaching .

• A lot of health related problems can be developed in this mode be it mental or physical , continuous learning from electronic gadgets can lead to eye problems as well as mental stress and exhaustion could also be felt , physical movement is negligible in this mode.

What should be done to get better mode of education in the time of pandemic?

Combining face-to-face lectures with technology gives rise to blended learning and flipped classrooms; this type of learning environment can increase the training potential of the students.