Different shades of lipstick

Sheer lipstick

A sheer lipstick is a good choice if your lips are dry for some reason .sheer can moisturize your lips but also provide a lot of gloss and shine.

Satin lipstick

Satin lipstick is great for moisture and a high gloss look.One of the essential things to remember about satin lipstick is that it has a high oil content.

cream lipstick

The cream lipstick is a bit different than the first two options on our list.The cream is a much more subtle, low gloss look.Cream lipstick is not shiny, but it will look very nice and smooth as a covering on the lips.

Gloss lipstick

Gloss lipstick is going to stand out a bit more than a cream lipstick.When you add shine to your lips, you will make them look bigger than they are.For women who have very small lips, gloss lipstick can be a great fit.Some people will use cream lipstick and then put a gloss lipstick on top.

lipsticks stain

A lipstick stain can sound a bit scary to be putting on your face, but they are not.Another name for these could be lipstick paint.The lipstick stains are all about color, but they are not about shine or gloss.

pearl lipstick

pearl lipstick is designed to reflect light.Where the lipstick stain focuses on color, the pearl lipstick will be more about shine and light.Many of the pearl lipsticks will also sparkle.

Matte finish lipstick

Sometimes when you are looking for a modern look, you will want a matte finish lipstick.The matte is exactly like the name sounds, not shiny or glossy at all.You will have a very flat look with a matte lipstick, but they come in a variety of colors.Matte lipsticks give a very bold look even though they don’t shine.